: Is The Cts Ready To Duke It Out?

03-31-07, 05:04 AM
The April 2007 Issue of Motor Trend Magazine, has announced some interesting competitors of our 2008 CTS. Today I plan to mention 2 of them the upcoming Mercedes Benz C300/C350, and the Pontiac G8. Both cars are set to compete in the $33K through $40K, price range.

The Mercedes is being offered in two models: A Luxury Model C300 with a standard powerplant of 3.0 liters producing 228 HP, and a Sport Model C350 with a 3.5 liter engine producing a normally aspirated 280 Hp, both cars are expected to weigh in at 3550. Also offered with the C300 is MB 7 speed automatic transmission, on the C350 standard will be a 6 speed manual.

MB has used a supercomputer in the design of the new C models, as the bread and butter of the Mercedes lineup they have "simulated" testing of over 190,000 miles on the suspension design (using a model of Germany's worst roads. Also MB has built 280 prototypes that have been driven the equivalent of 600 times around the World.

Styling is subjective, following a blend of the CLS and the recently released S-Class.

The Pontiac G8, is offering up to 362 HP from a 6.0 liter V8, Independent suspension, Electronic Stability program, 6 speed manual or automatic transmission, and optional full-leather interior (great looking). 18" or 19" wheels and AWD are options, at the $33K Price point, this car will definitely be a contender against the likes of BMW 550, at $59K. Early predictions Pontiac has a major player in the gate. It may even take some STS customers (if there are any).

For Cadillac placing all of it's future on the CTS, should they have decided to release just the sedan? Is it enough? :want: