: '69 Fleetwood 75 Limousine

03-31-07, 01:09 AM
This one looks pretty good... a '69 Fleetwood limo for sale on craigslist, 58,000 miles, white with a blue rear compartment and black leather front compartment...

I just may take a look at it even though it's not exactly in my area.

03-31-07, 01:15 AM
Very nice car for the money. Why so cheap?

03-31-07, 02:57 AM
I think the asking price isn't very high because possibly limos are hard to sell. Not that many Cadillac fans want a limo (but I do).
The asking price for my '76 limo was $3,000, but it did need a/c work and those rear fender fillers.