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Old Fleetwood
03-29-07, 09:55 PM
We're all familiar with the 9C1 Impalas, sick of the Ford Crown Vics and years ago I read about some state out west having Mercedes 300SL State Police Cars and believe that was a hoax rather than a true story, yet the Jersey Turnpike Commission used Chrysler Number/Letter series cars for a year or two and definitely got the attention of people like me, but were there EVER Cadillac RWD Police cars? :confused:

Cadillac Giovanni
03-29-07, 09:56 PM
I've never seen one, but it sure would be cool...

A few months back I saw a 94 Fleetwood Brougham taxi cab, so it really gets you to thinking...

But that must be the most damn comfortable taxi cab ever.

The police around here in Massachusetts have been mixing it up lately using ford tauruses, chevy impalas, dodge intrepids, and even pontiac grand prixs (what's the plural of "prix"?) as unmarked cars. It certainly keeps me on my toes, although it's a little unfair if you ask me. It forced me to give in and buy a radar detector.

They're also using an ugly blue dodge durango that i NEVER suspect.

Dirty cheaters.

Old Fleetwood
03-29-07, 10:18 PM
Connecticut is using UNMARKED RICERS (can't remember if they're Toyotas or Nissans) as well as (I'm told) Chevrolet Impalas.
I've seen the Ricers on TV news on traffic stops but not the Chevvies.
Actually this unmarked crap is surprising since Ohio paid MILLIONS a few decades back when Ohio S.P. was using UNMARKED black Ford CONVERTIBLES.
The only marking was the winged wheel ON THE DOORS, not even on the front fenders saying "STATE TROOPER".
During a late night attempted traffic stop of a pair of middle age women, the ladies got so scared they floored it and thought they were being chased by some evil doer in a convertible with a red light on the dashboard.
The single survivor of the high speed crash told the doctors in the hospital the story and what she said before she died got nationwide attention.
Thus Ohio stopped that crap for a long time. But it looks like history repeats.

Cadillac Giovanni
03-29-07, 11:55 PM
RICERS!? Oh man, I never thought they'd sink so low.

I think unmarked police cars are total BS. I don't think it's worth it for the extra speeders they catch. As a citizen, I'd feel more secure knowing who are police and who aren't.

Alright, maybe I just want to make it easier to avoid tickets.

But I say we have a right to know.

03-30-07, 04:08 AM
some of the state troopers around here use camaros and tahoes and alot of the vics. In tulsa they have hayabusas. We have 3 local law enforment agencies though...sheriff, stillwater pd and OSU pd. Ive seen expeditions explorers, tahoes, taurus', impalas, OSU had an old K5 blazer for a while. they also have 2 HD motorcycles. and friggin bicycles too...yes, I got a ticket from a bicycle cop.

03-30-07, 12:37 PM
I know for a fact that in the mid 80's they used Lincoln Towncars for cop cars in Dearborn Michigan. Ford gave them to the police department for testing. I remember also the Sargents used Marks. It was weird to see a Town Car with the Coach roof and a light bar :bigroll:

03-30-07, 12:39 PM
Detectives who need unmarked cars (like undercover NARC officers and such) will used cars that the police dept. has seized. If the car is paid for (no large liens or huge payments left) then they can claim it as city property and use it for police use.
So I suppose it is possible for unmarked cars to be seized vehicles and a Fleetwood could turn up in that.

As for Fleet service and predestined police use, I've never heard of it but I don't pay much attention to it, anyway. Some of the 93-6 Fleetwoods had pretty heavy duty stuff added for limo service when sold as fleet sales, so it doesn't seem unreasonable that some ended up as police or government (FBI?) use...

03-30-07, 09:07 PM
I know that some of the Fleetwoods were earmarked for government use, but I'm not sure what that might have been at the time. I'd bet more than a few got sent to specialty coachbuilders to be armored. There's a dream car for you -an armored Fleetwood. For a while there was a weird little car sale web site and there was a 1959 Imperial LeBaron in the middle East somewhere that once belonged to a general in the Shah of Iran's Army, and it was most definitely armored, as the windshield was a split type -most likely because the bulletproof glass firm couldn't come up with equivilent windshields, as that was one of the largest pieces of curved glass ever fitted to a car.

Old Fleetwood
03-30-07, 10:01 PM
A neighbor just told me that the Connecticut Staties used UNMARKED Mazda 626's.
He thinks they aren't using them any more but they might be using some other Mazda due to the Ford connection.
Those were the Ricers I was talking about, not Toyotas or Nissans. But what's the difference, anyway?

03-31-07, 01:14 AM
The cops pulled me over on the freeway in a purple Dodge Caravan with an learners permit on the back, and gave me a ticket for speeding.

I once saw a Nissan Altima with hidden lightbars in the windows, and tailights pass me downtown. I heard the siren, but I didn't yield to him, because I had no idea that the cops would use a pile of sh*t Altima.

David W. Bailey
03-31-07, 07:48 AM
Very interesting thread!

I have been a city cop in Ohio for twenty five years and state law forbids using unmarked cars for the primary purpose of traffic enforcement. The new low profile LED lightbars on a marked white CV make the cars hard enough to spot anyway.

The reason you won't see a Cadillac as a cop car has to do with public perceptions. The taxpayers and conspiracy buffs would go wild if they saw the cops driving a Cadillac as a cruiser. Regardless of the truth, it would be assumed that the PD was spending money lavishly and wasting taxpayers dollars. The only way to have exotic or luxury cars is through seizure and forfeiture from dopers. Then, the cars have to have "seized from a drug dealer" plastered all over them.

Our city had a red 76 Cadillac Coupe DeVille for a while as an unmarked, but it eventually had to go to the police auction.

Years ago, a nearby county had a late 60's Olds 98 convertible as a cruiser. The Sheriff himself used to ride around in it in parades.

Personally, I think it is disgraceful for cops to drive ricers. What next, fartcans on ricer police cars?

03-31-07, 06:27 PM
The closet I've seen is the US Secret Service used modified (don't know to what extent) Roadmasters. On another board I've seen news clippings of 86 / 87 Grand Nationals being sold to the FBI as pursuit vehicles (ECMs modified for more boost and no speed governors).

Old Fleetwood
03-31-07, 08:49 PM
Now that we have law enforcement's view on this BB, it's interesting to note that Connecticut has recently been PLAGUED by a rash of nutjobs posing as police in Crown Vics trying to stop people. Only God knows why and the State Police are on TV almost nightly telling people NOT to stop if they are in doubt and to go to the nearest well-lit public place and ONLY THEN stop.
So the unmarked ricers and others are self-defeating.
Yet the "regular" Connecticut State Police cars are plain Crown Vics in ANY COLOR with only roof-mounted light bars, wig-wag headlights (sometimes) and other lighting (sometimes) behind the grille.
What ever happened to Michigan's old, big Dodges with that flip-up sign on the hood, right behind the hood ornament that said "STATE POLICE" ?
I saw it once when I was going up I-75 and one of them blew past me to nail the car that had passed me.
I guess it also worked as a bug deflector if you left it up.

03-31-07, 09:22 PM
In PG County MD some of the police departments are using Dodge Chargers with Hemis

David W. Bailey
04-01-07, 07:43 AM
Old Fleetwood-

I agree with you, unmarked cars really do not work out for traffic enforcement. If you are not sure "what" is trying to pull you over, driving to a well lit public place to stop is a great idea. Just drive slowly, and tell the cop why you were afraid to stop. Reasonable and professional officers will fully understand. The "fake cop" unmarked car thing is a real problem.

My department is so busy going from one radio run to the other, we don't have time to write many tickets and our dept. policy forbids unmarked car stops or pursuits, unless a major crime is happening.

BTW: Michigan State Police still has that light up sign on the hood and the single large red beacon on the roof. Very retro!

04-01-07, 08:32 AM
Detectives who need unmarked cars (like undercover NARC officers and such) will used cars that the police dept. has seized. If the car is paid for (no large liens or huge payments left) then they can claim it as city property and use it for police use.
So I suppose it is possible for unmarked cars to be seized vehicles and a Fleetwood could turn up in that.

yeah, a friend of mine had his S500 Mercedes seized and when he got it back the radio had been taken out to install a two-way radio and switch for sirens

04-01-07, 08:37 AM
btw, David, is it true that officers, in your area atleast, target kids(19-24) with nice cars or with rims? it certainly appears to be that way up here....i had never gotten pulled over until i got my car and then it increased significantly when I had my rims put on. Since I've put my rims back on 2 weeks ago, I've already been tailed about 6 times for about 10 minutes each to the point that I went to a mall and a cop parked behind me?

04-01-07, 12:10 PM
City (borough??) of Falls Church, VA (just outside of DC) has used Volvos for years and years. Speed limit in town is 25 mph. Ergo, the city can afford them. Tickets, dummy!

Police in Tx use Camaros, Mustangs, trucks, etc.


David W. Bailey
04-01-07, 07:15 PM
The proceeds from tickets in this state don't go into a city's general fund, but rather to various state victim funds and court special project funds. The city gets very little, and after the city pays for court appointed attorneys for all the bums that won't work, there ain't much profit in it, dummy!

You are not going to see Cadillac cop cars in any city where the the mayor wants to be reelected, or the police want to pass an operating tax levy.

Cadillac = excess in the minds of older Americans!

04-01-07, 09:07 PM
would you believe in aspen and vail colorado they use saabs?...im not sure why maybe some kind of "alpine country tradition" but every where i've been...and i work for an airline and travel too much....crown vic seems to be the car of choice for law enforcement....homeland security uses dodge stratus's, chevy tahoes. One thing that gets me...seems like a majority of these "high profile taxi services" or limo companies use Lincoln town car....is it the trunk space?? the size of the vehicle?? anyway no matter where i go theres a ton of those black Lincoln town cars at every airport picking up VIP's..

Old Fleetwood
04-01-07, 10:53 PM
I have to wonder if those Homeland Security Dodge Stratuses (Stratii ?) are the same ones that the Mexican Federales use.
Those are totally ILLEGAL in the USA for the average Joe due to pollution rules.
But those little snots are heavily turbocharged (see Allpar.com) and have a top speed of somewhere around 150 with acceleration and handling to match. Real sleepers. If you're in Mexico, don't mess with them.

04-02-07, 09:40 AM
Where I live in NC I have recently seen unmarked new Chargers used for traffic work. Only once but I found it "interesting".

Rumor had it for a period of time NJSPD had a set of drug seizure Callaway Corvettes they were using on the Parkway and the Turnpike.


04-03-07, 10:36 AM
Around here, there is no way I am pulling over to a ricer. Sorry, that is wrong and if there is a ricer with rollers on it, then it must be illegal and someone masquerading as a cop. I would jump on the cell phone and call 911 and refuse to stop until they have a proper car that can prove that he/she is a legit cop.

The fun part is if they TRIED with a ricer to spin me out in my Fleetwood, they would not be able to!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA And that I have the power to outrun it.... Muhahahahahahahaha It was sort of funny on Cops they tried to push a 1t F350 dually. The Crown Vic's couldn't budge it. They guy was unstoppable until he ran out of gas. They just had to wait him out....

If you are not comfortable with it being a real cop, you by law do not need to stop, but you better be darn sure of yourself. No cop in their right mind should be trying to pull traffic with a non recognized official police cruiser, ever. You have the right to demand a marked cruiser and do not have to stop for unmarked if there is any legit question (like in WI we have a special color for the cop cars that isn't a production color so it is easy to tell WI State troopers).

Do not RUN from them, period. But you need to find a police station to go to or a real cop. Don't break the law. Or if you stop, you crack the window and explain to them WHY you don't believe who they are. Get them to get a real cop car there with another officer.

Talk to your local cops about it, they will tell you what to do. I work with a part time cop, I will ask him what the laws are here on it.

Cop cars I recognize:
9C1 Impala
9C1 Caprice (if they are still used in the area)
9C1 Tahoe (Z56?)
Crown Vic Police Interceptor
Intrepid cop car (again, if used in the area)
Charger cop car (again, if used in the area)

If any dept buys anything else I will give them SERIOUS crap on it. That unacceptable, no excuses.

Jonas McFeely
04-03-07, 11:57 AM
Here im beautiful Central Florida,i have personally seen:

A marked Volkswagen Jetta city cop car.
A '04 or '05 Nissan Maxima black unmarked cop car that had someone pulled over.
An unmarked beige '05 or '06 Mustang GT several times pulling people over.
An older green Dodge Durrango with 20'' rims doing enforcement at a local bar.
A few Ford Contours.

Mostly just Impalas and Crown Vics,some Expeditions and Tahoes.

I read an article in Car and Driver a few years ago,and saw the picture,of a Sheriff in South Florida with a marked Corvette ZR1 Highway Patrol car,no joke,im sure you could look it up.

04-09-07, 12:21 AM
Cadillacs purchased for government use could be used by the VIP's. When I was in the Navy, the Base Commander, an Admiral, had a Cadillac. It was painted Navy gray, like the other service cars on the Base.
About 10 years ago I found a '78 Cadillac in the junkyard which had no power options, crank windows, just basics, no power seats. Amazing. I often questioned the origin of that car, as I never have seen another like it.

04-12-07, 12:51 AM
In my town, the police chief has a departmental issued 06 Town Car. Wonder if it will get handed down to an enforcement unit in the years to come?

04-12-07, 09:14 PM
VA State Police has a Dodge Intrepid I think? I seen it, with a Pooh bear sunscreen in the side window. Haha, they had someone pulled over on the side of the interstate! I thought it was some faker or something but one of the guys I know said it is a real cruiser.

04-12-07, 09:27 PM
Here are a few Cadillac Police cruisers:






And the baddest ass cruiser I have ever seen:


04-13-07, 12:34 AM
From my hometown newspaper.

Let the bids begin on ex-mayor's Cadillac
Linden council votes 10-1 to auction off controversial luxury car at a starting price of $20,000
Wednesday, April 11, 2007

In the end, Linden's $56,000 Cadillac will follow former Mayor John T. Gregorio into retirement from public service.

The city council last night voted 10-1 to schedule an auction to sell the fully-loaded 2003 DeVille. The bidding will start around $20,000.

The city's new mayor, Richard J. Gerbounka,has refused to drive the Cadillac since he took office in January, saying the midnight-black sedan embodied his predecessor's appetite for overspending.

"I just think we have got to wash our hands of that symbol of excess," Gerbounka said.

The council's decision comes after months of deliberation and political bickering. In February, the city council president, Robert Bunk, borrowed the Cadillac from the city garage without asking Gerbounka, setting off a shouting match at City Hall.

And still, the tale of Linden's Cadillac is not quite finished. Before it rolls away from the upcoming auction, the luxury car that critics say was a waste of city money will probably pinch the taxpayers one last time.

Despite 22,000 miles on the odometer, a spotless interior and a litany of extras, the Cadillac's worth has plummeted.

The car's value in Kelley Blue Book hovers around $17,000. At the auction, the opening bid of $20,000 will be $36,000 less than what Linden paid for the car in 2003.

"I've always said it was a bad idea to sell it," said Bunk, the lone dissenter in last night's vote, who had borrowed the DeVille while his own city-owned Cadillac was at the shop.

For the record, he said the mayoral Cadillac lacked leg room. "You couldn't stretch out," he said.

Plenty of New Jersey cities grant mayors use of public cars. In Linden, the practice dates to the 1950s.

Gregorio began driving a city Cadillac in 2000. He argued that, as mayor, he needed to entertain governors, senators and high-dollar developers. To do it properly, Gregorio said he needed a first-class car.

Gerbounka, who was elected after vowing to rid Linden of patronage and overspending, has opted for a Crown Victoria, which the police department bought last year, before Gerbounka took office, for $22,000. So far, no dignitaries have asked for rides, Gerbounka said.

Nevertheless, Gregorio said the new mayor was making a mistake by pushing to sell the DeVille.

"In my opinion, he is wasting money," said Gregorio, a former state senator who was among the longest-serving mayors in modern state history.

He was a colorful and controversial politician, first elected in 1967. During his 30-year tenure, Gregorio was proud of building Linden's city services into some of the state's most generous -- including delivery of free firewood to residents' doorsteps each winter. He was prone to bombastic remarks, including when he defended nepotism within Linden government, asserting: "If you're kin, you're in."

When the city holds the auction -- officials are still working on a date -- the mayoral Cadillac will share the block with 45 other city-owned vehicles. They include a smattering of aging trucks and sedans, confiscated in drug raids.

Councilman Derek Armstead, chair of the council's vehicle and equipment committee, said officials hope the bidding will rise well beyond the $20,000 minimum.

"I'm sure the car is worth more than that," Armstead said. "It has been basically pampered."

04-16-07, 02:33 AM
pampered or not its still just an 03 deville. Ill be suprised if anyone bids on it, unless they just happen to want that exact car because of its history. Otherwise...17K seems resonable