: Help - 04 SRX Nav Euro Firmware needed

03-28-07, 07:47 AM
I drive a 04 US SRX in Europe (US specs) Problem: factory nav does not recognize the OEM Cadillac Euro-DVD and the rear seat DVD displays region error. I do not care so much for the rear seat system, but the nav system. Technically, the nav systems sold in Europe and North America look identical. I suspect the internal firmware (software) causing the problem. I cannot even switch time zone to GMT+1 - on the other hand there is a huge selection of languages to choose from... Contrary to ordinary GM (Delco) CD radios controlled by the vehicle's BCM - it seems to be somehow differently with the (Denso) Nav system: because I am unable to change region by using GM's Tech II scan tool. Anybody out there who could help me out of this?

07-02-07, 04:20 AM
Order a new Euro-NAV and sell the US-Nav on eBay? I have a similar issue; though the nav is Euro in my CTS, the DVD's are played in NTSC.
Also, I know the NAV software is different from the CTS, so I can't help you out with that. Good luck!

The rear DVD is easy: copy and re-burn the DVD's with region 1 and NTSC.

10-09-07, 02:10 PM
Hi, I have the same trouble in Spain, my SRX Nav system need a module for European DVD regognition, the rear multimedia system, I change with a EU DVD player and run perfect.
I need a solution too.

10-10-07, 08:53 AM
The manufacturer of the NAV and DVD is German. So check them out...