: '96 Northstar Vs. '97 Northstar

03-25-04, 10:30 AM
Can I use a '97 Northstar Engine manual to tell me how to maintain/repair my '96 Northstar engine?

What are the key differences for the '97 engine (300bhp - "9") that I should be aware of as I use that manual on my '96 "9" engine?

Do you think the '97 manual would accurately instruct me on engine R/R and head gasket repair? Currently, my engine runs fine so I don't plan on these major repairs but I was wondering.

Thanks for any advice in advance.


03-25-04, 12:35 PM
We used a 98 manual to do 94 headgaskets. The basics were the same. The cam timing was the same. I know there are differences in the wiring harness, etc. but pulling the engine and doing the gaskets was very close.
Do you have some experience? If so then you are OK with that manual. Someone else might give you better insight to 96-97 differences. I think they were minor.

03-25-04, 01:24 PM
A 97 engine and a 96 are virtually identical. About as close to identical as any two model years of Northstar are....