: Sweet home Alabama/ Leningrad cowboys

03-26-07, 03:58 PM

I have surfing the net, mostly Youtube and came across some links i thought i'd share with you all.
The clips is the Leningrad cowboys together with the real Russian red army choir performing in clip one, Home sweet Alabama. i find this so "wrong" that i think it's great and fun.


In the second clip they perform the Tom Jones hit "Delilah" and it seems to be a great "preassure" with such many musicians on stage.


The Stalingrad Cowboys is a finnish band that started as a parody band that was "making fun" of russians when russia was "closed" quite a journey then to be able to play with the Red army choir.


03-27-07, 09:20 AM
I noticed they're playing "Sweet Home Alabama" in the KENTUCKY Fried Chicken ads. I'm sure the Colonel is rolling in his grave.

03-27-07, 10:49 AM
Ahaha... "Sweet Home Ahlahbahmah..."