: Power window motor

03-26-07, 07:20 AM
Hoping I could get some info from you all once again....:thumbsup:

I have a problem with the driver's side power window on my '76 Coupe Deville.

The window is slow...and the motor is straining quite a bit. The passenger side works like a charm...

I want to replace the motor...but here is the question...how in God's name does the door panel come off? I do NOT want to break anything in removing the cover...as this car is in MINT condition... Once the panel is off...I have found several replacement motors....so that should not be an issue.

Thanks in advance.

03-26-07, 08:54 AM
Perhaps the tracks and mechanism just need to be lubed?

03-26-07, 10:54 AM
honestly, i dont know. i would go out to my caddy right now and mess around with it but im pretty much late now as it is lol. hmm, id say go down to an automotive store or a local library and pick up a chilton's manual for cadillac. they usually have all the technical dissasembly information in there. that's where i went to figure out how to take apart my dash.

i had the same problem on my '87 suburban yesterday but luckily those trucks are easier to work on than cadillacs. you might just have to pull it up. i took all of the screws out and it still didn't come off and i yanked it up a good 2 or 3 tries and it just popped right off. good luck!

03-26-07, 12:00 PM
The thing is...it works...but I know the motor is dying... It is not stuck and I know that seeing the summer is coming and she will be out more, I am going to need that window!

I have the service manual for it and it says absolutely NOTHING about the power window service. Hard to believe....I bought the book for several reasons that being one of them!:rant2:

03-26-07, 01:15 PM
If it's like my '70 then you just take out all the screws along the bottom and gently work your way around the outside with a flat-head screw driver prying as you go. There are little clips that pop as you pry them away from the panel. Then you just lift up and out as you remove the panel.

There will then be a layer of paper or other insulation you will need to CAREFULLY peel away (it's very easy to rip). Then you have your access holes.

Frankly, removing the door panel is the easy part. The hard part is putting in the new motor after you have forgotten how to position the regulator just right in relation to the motor and contorting your hands around inside the door, in the process cutting your arms up real good on the sides of the access holes. I've got to do my passenger side front window motor as well soon, and I'm not looking forward to it. Good Luck!

03-26-07, 02:13 PM

If it is the same as in a -76 fleetwood, the door panel is diveded in a upper and a lower part with a chrome molding in the middle.

That chrome molding needs to carefully be remowed. I dont remember if there was any screws that hold the molding or if it is only clips Take a good look.
Anyway, under the chrome molding there will be some screws that holds the door panels. There is also as mentioned above some clips around the panels. The upper panel removes upward and the lockbutton must be remowed by unscrewing it like a nut.

Take care, because i don't remember anything else to remove or loosen to get the doorpanels, but i can have forgotten something.

About the factory service manual, and that it does not cover this thing. If I have understand the subject correct is there also a body service manual that covers stuff like that, but I don't have that manual either.

good luck


03-26-07, 06:48 PM
I can probably locate a body manual on Ebay....:cookoo:

That chrome strip has ONE screw toward the hinge. I will start there. The door is in such good condition...just don't want to loosen one of those clips and not be able to pop the suckers back on...How difficult did you find your Fleetwood's? And did you replace the motor....? If so, from where?:bigroll:

One other thing....should I replace the window switch?

03-26-07, 11:23 PM
Well over the past weekend I just removed both driver side and pass side window motors, and all the other goodies along with it on a 72 CDV. Finished up refinishing the window motors and also re-greased everything. Removing the door panels is the easiest part, to get to the window motor.. guess what you have to remove almost everything else first.. but if your really serious about redoing you window motors let me know I will give you a full guide to redoing it all.. plus I got some pictures :P

btw.. my windows are a lot better now after it all.. no strain at all to get those windows up.

03-27-07, 06:44 AM
Hey B uffalo!

So...I know the '72 had to be very similar to the '76....

When you say "refinish"...what do you mean? Obviously, you did not replace the motor...correct? And where did you grease the window....? Tracks, motor, etc? I would love a play by play if you have the time. The pics would be great too. I teach high school math for a living and during the summer, have a home improvement business. Repairing cars was not my forte...but I can see a 31 year old beauty is going to need some lessons on my part.:worship:

03-27-07, 11:46 AM
Hello jmoffo!

You remove the screw on the chrome molding and then move the molding to the left or right, I don't remember what way, but it loosens by move it sideways.

I have that screw on mine to, but i was not sure if it was orginal or put on later, my doorpanels have not have it so good as yours and have been worked on by many owners.

I only removed mine to check some rattling sound, and did not have to do any work on the window motor or guids.
The rattling sound was some poorly tightend screws, among them the screws that was underneith the chrome molding, I had to change them to a slighter bigger screws.


03-27-07, 11:53 AM
:gnome: Now, I am happy. I figured that was the place to start. I am NOT looking forward to removing that motor. I heard, as stated above, that it is not a good place to have to stick your arms!

Anyone have experience with any place I can order a motor. I have located several on the web...but I want the best one for the car.

03-27-07, 12:13 PM
Perhaps the tracks and mechanism just need to be lubed?

I'm going to co-sign with Jay. I thought the same thing on my motor. But (1) - electric motors really don't die by slowing down and (2) I thought I would try some lube and afterwards ... it moved faster than the other window motors.

Just my .02

03-27-07, 12:14 PM
I ended up ordering a couple off of eBay and just rebuilding them before I put them in to be sure. Worked out good for me. I ordered a few because I figured another one would go soon, and it is.

03-27-07, 01:27 PM

Would you happen to be in North Jersey by any chance....your name uses a North Jersey Zip!

What grease did you use and where....I am suspecting I might be able to get away with grease before I replace the motor...

YET...when I use the switch...it also needs a little force....any ideas?:alchi:

03-28-07, 12:25 AM
I will post everything by Friday. But don't worry it will be detailed.

03-28-07, 07:07 AM
That would be great. I ordered a copy of the Fisher Body Manual for 1976 to have on in case I need it, but a personal play-by-play is a whole lot better!:bouncy:

04-04-07, 09:29 PM
Sorry I haven't posted that stuff yet.. had a really bizarre weekend so I should have it done by this weekend.. again sorry for the wait.

04-05-07, 09:35 AM
I ordered a 1976 Fisher Body Service Manual from Amazon. It arrived and I have been reading it. Not too bad to get the motor out...I am just wondering before I order a new one...if I should grease the old one. Where would I grease the motor? Probably should grease the window regulator, too.