: Sound proofing?

03-25-07, 12:55 AM
I have my seats out right now (being re-upholstered) and my carpet is out as well. The factory sound proofing consists of burlap and paper, which disintegrates when I pick it up. I was thinking about replacing it with carpet underlay, it's cheap and easy to get a hold of. What do you guys suggest as replacements for soundproofing? Weight is not an issue, (70 Sedan DeVille).

03-25-07, 01:04 AM
Dynamat is specifically made for sound proofing and vibration control. One thing is its kinda expensive. But they do have a new product out called Dynaliner, which is cheaper and comes in different thickness. Further there is DynaPad which is used esp. for floors, and is by far the cheapest. All keep out sound, vibration, and heat.