: McGinnis - Houston, TX

03-24-07, 02:40 AM
1st mistake - I took my CTS-V to McGinnis due to it was close to where I am currently living.

2nd mistake - I am a WOMAN :LittleB:

3rd mistake - picking up my car when the service guy left for the day, and no one that was left could explain to me what they did to my car.

Here is what happened.... they did a warranty repair for a ticking sound. I guess they needed to change the oil. (My oil was changed one week before going in to the shop) The oil they put in my car was Kendall oil. OK. I might be too picky here, but if GM/Cadillac doesn't recommend this brand why put this in a car that calls for Mobil 1? :confused:

I called the service rep the following morning and he told me that Kendall was the brand that the dealership uses because it is the cheapest oil to get for this market and I shouldn't worry. - OK - I am a woman and I am born to worry. I called GM/Cadillac customer service and they said that the brand wasn't recommended or approved for the car. So, I call back "service man" to request my oil to be changed back to what it needs to be. Since they don't have this oil, I told him I would buy my own and bring it in for him to change. He told me to buy a filter while I was at it. (Nice guy)

OK - YES - they did fix that issue, (after I took them the right oil to put in the car, and I had to ask) but the part that really bugs....:rant2:
He talks to me and treats me like I am a stupid woman that can't even begin to understand how to turn on my car. He made a few comments that regarding me being a woman and driving this type of car and that most of the woman he has come in that drive these are rich and this is just a spare car.

This will keep me from going to the dealer again. I will drive 50 miles if I have to just to find a service advisor that doesn't treat woman like they shouldn't ask questions or want to know what they are doing to the car.

This has been my over all worst experience ever in any car I have ever taken to be worked on.