: Another NAV install question

03-23-07, 11:49 PM
Ok, my first post here. After spending way too much time (according to my wife) researching the posts here regarding installing Factory NAV into non-nav equipped SRX (2005), it would seem that the easiest solution is to install the CTS version of NAV and have functional (but weird steering wheel switch functionality), loss of NAV voice prompts and loss of voice commands (which can be restored using additional procedures) rather than the SRX version which apparently has different connectors.

Armed with this knowledge, I am still interested in perhaps attempting to install the factory SRX Nav into my vehicle, the biggest motivational factor being that I have already purchased one albeit unwisely since it was done prior to the heavy research. As always, we live and learn. I have the NAV unit, the headphones/remote control, and the GPS antenna.

From what I can see, the biggest hurdle would be in overcoming the mismatched harness connections. Presuming that it is possible to obtain (or modify) connectors to fit both the unit and the original chassis harness, my questions for you tinkerers, especially the ones with access to data and technical information is:

(1) Is it feasable to match the pin outs for the base radio connectors to the NAV unit connectors in such a way to at least get the NAV and radio functions to work or are the systems too different? I realize that NAV units will have upgraded audio systems but I'm not expecting or endeavor to get the extended audio functions to work.

(2) Following the pin-outs for the navigation prompt audio out, is it possible to connect these to a all-in-one speaker/amp unit similar to ones they use for CB/HAM radio systems thereby restoring NAV guidance prompts? I figure if speaker/amp were small enough, I could hide it under dash, or integrate it somewhere in the vehicle out of sight.

(3) Anyone know of a source for the connectors (female connectors to fit the factory harness and male connectors to fit the NAV unit). I'm thinking that GM probably won't sell the connectors seperately and will probably require an entire harness which obviously won't be a practical solution to due most likely a monumental list price.

(4) Does anyone know if all original factory functions (DIC) steering wheel controls, onstar integration, etc. could be preserved by making sure serial data cable connections are preserved?

(5) Finally, would the speed sensor connection tap-in location, as often described in CTS NAV install guides here in the forums, be the same on the SRX vehicles as well?

Images, scans and other info would be, of course, extremely helpful. I realize that meaningful responses often takes significant time and research to formulate and post. Therefore, thanks in advance for any and all helpful advice. If I am successful in getting it to mate, I will post results.