: Air ride fuse

Rob Benham
03-22-07, 10:52 PM
Hi again, I've just got back from a vacation which took me from the bottom of Tx to the end of the Fl keys. 3500 miles. Not one drop of oil needed, or even water. But....

While loaded with tools which I didn't need, and all our cases, the back was a tad low. Never noticed before, cos the grand-kids don't weigh much and they are the normal load. I checked the 30a fuse and sure enough it had blown. I lashed some 5a wire round the pins and tried it. Nothing. I tapped the relay but still not a sound.

My SLS was quite audible, should I hear this pump? Also, is there a logical way to check what has failed? Powering up the pump from a hot lead sounds as though it would check it, is there any danger in doing this?

I've done a quick search, but nothing popped up yet. Any help would be much appreciated. Rob

03-23-07, 11:22 AM
Check the leveling switch on the rear axle, maybe broken wires or a bad switch, just a guess?