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04-25-03, 12:52 AM
I'm looking into getting a 2000 DTS real soon. I currently drive a 1990 Nissan Maxima with just over 250,000 miles. I kept tellin' myself I'll wait, and run it to the ground. But I'm getting too impatient. I love the style of the DTS.

I guess my question is, can I expect Cadillac to be long lasting as well?


04-25-03, 01:06 AM
Personally, I think a couple of the North American car companies are as good as anything Japanese, half of the engineers are Japanese and German,etc anyway. We had a big discusion about quality of domestics a little while ago. I have a 1980 Pontiac with 250,000 kms and only minimal wear-out items replaced. My dad just bought a new DTS in FEB. and if there's one thing I've learned on this site is that aanything, especially Northstars need good preventative maintenance. (oil changes, etc.) Quite a few people on this forum seem to have higher mileage with minimal or no problems. PS get White Diamond, that is a classy color IMO.

04-25-03, 09:02 AM
The DTS will last that long, it'll just cost you a helluva lot more by that point than the Maxima did (or would), but that's not the point. One's a fun to drive little import sport sedan and the other is a Cadillac, nothing else need be said.

04-25-03, 06:05 PM
Personally, I would keep the maxima and get the DTS. You cant be concerned about resale for a 12yr old car with 250k, you may get 1000 max. No one wants to pay a lot of money for a car with 1/4 million miles on it. The best way for you to get your moneys worth out of the maxima is to use it. Also, if the cadillac ever did fail (god forbid), you will have a backup, and something to drive in the winter. Just a thought.

04-25-03, 11:47 PM
Thanks for the info! Elwesso, I agree w/ you 100% and thats exactly what I was planning to do. It will do me better to continue to drive it to work, and use the Caddy on the weekends.

Do any of you know about any specific problems the DTS's Northstar might have? Maybe from personal experiences?

04-26-03, 06:56 AM
Unfortunately, the '00 is not the best choice if you want the latest body-style Deville. There were quite a few running changes made between the '00 and '01. Don't get me wrong, it's still a nice car but you will have a few more issues to deal with than if you went with the '01.
In our fleet, we had:
1. Engine problems
a. Head gaskets (of course)
b. Starters
2. Transmission problems
a. Loss of reverse
b. Loss of 2nd
3. Suspension/Chassis problems
a. Sagging springs
b. Sway bar links
c. Hub bearings
d. Bent sub-frames (distorted easily with only a single bottom- out)
4. Electrical problems
a. Alternators
b. Bad grounds (body and chassis)
c. Battery failures (especially in August)
d. Serial Data failures
e. Door module failures
f. Climate control failures

04-27-03, 07:17 AM
A newer Cadillac has so many more features than the '90 Maxima that things are bound to go wrong. There's so much technology involved... But, it's worth the trouble. And, quite often - there IS no trouble. Just keep the car maintained and you should be okay. But, do expect to run into some problems. A warranty is a great idea...