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03-20-07, 04:10 PM
Hello, my first post to this forum!

We ordered our caddy to Finland, and there was no map DVD and I wonder if there's a dvd with european maps at all? We also have some problems watching dvd's because you americans have the ntsc system =)

Registration is another headache, the EU doesn't believe that your windshield is good enough so it's possible that it has to be changed :bigroll:
Also the tail- and headlights can cause some trouble, I don't know it yet... And btw. should those lamps in the middle of the headlight work? I get only the upper lamp and the actual xenon light to work. It's a bit tricky to explain.. Fog lights work also.

About the suspension, how can I adjust it? It's quite hard now, I'd like to get it softer.

This car is very rare here in Finland, there's maybe 3 or 4 of this new '07 model in the whole country, that's why it's so cool to have it :bouncy:


03-20-07, 04:23 PM
I lived in Switzerland for 3 years and saw a lot of Suburban's there, surprised me with the cost of gas and that was about 8 years ago. In another post I read that there will be a DVD out for parts of Europe later this year. There are three levels on the headlights, the bottom is the HID headlights, the middle is the daytime running lights, and the top is the parking lights (on at night) I took one of my Corvette's over to Switzerland and of course had no problems because I was not staying there to live, but the person I sold the car to over there told me it was a nightmare all the things that had to be changed. :(

03-20-07, 04:26 PM
This may answer your Nav question


03-20-07, 04:28 PM
There is no adjustment for the suspension, you could change the springs to something softer, or go to a smaller diameter wheels and tires, more air softer ride.

03-20-07, 04:55 PM
Its a big headache if you want to register an American car in the EU countries.
Mine had to be given a special appointment for DMV verification and to establish the cars details according to European specifications, I had to wiat 2 weeks . Man it was a headache, but got through with it without changing anything, but they classed the cars pollution emission to Euro 3, but normally the car should be Euro 5 , but this mess did cost me a lot of money on the customs and registration tariffs.

As for a nav map , you gonna have to wait.

Did you get yours through a dealer in finland or you got it yourself from the US.

Cause the European Version Escalades do not come with Navigation screen ( yet ) or Onstar .

03-20-07, 05:24 PM
Thanks for the answers, let's wait for september and hope that it's correct information. I got it through a dealer, it has the navigation screen and onstar but of course you can't use it (onstar system) in Europe.

hcvone: There's also one new '07 suburban in our neighbourhood so we "had to" take the escalade. =) I just counted that 1 gallon of gas costs here about $6,04 at the moment.

The suspension, it's not a catastrof, I just thought that it could be easily adjusted because it has the air suspension.

I've wondered what is the horn&light effect that can be used with the key chain for? Is there so much escalades in the parking lots that you can't recognize your own without that sound or what? :D

03-20-07, 05:48 PM
Check your air pressure too, if they are over inflated you will get a harsh ride. $6.00 a gallon is not much more than I was paying in Basel Switzerland many years ago. You can program your lights, horn and or both thru your DIC, and change it how you want it to work for unlocking and locking the doors thru the fob

03-21-07, 04:10 PM
Very nice looking truck there! I have the same in Blue Chip.

Welcome to the forums! :)