: 06 Sts Door Glass Lh Not Available

jack c.
03-20-07, 03:42 PM
We Can Not Get A Door Glass For A 06 . Left Front Not Available From Any Gm Dealer, Glass Shop Can Not Supply Correct Laminated Left Front Door Glass.
Gm Says They Will Ship One By The 29th!
Looks Like This Should Not Be A Problem. Any Ideas?

Benjamin Simon
03-21-07, 03:22 AM
maybe a salvage yard? unless you get a used part, it looks like you might need to wait until the 29th...

03-21-07, 07:54 AM
hello. Weller auto parts in Grand Rapids Michigan has one for $125. 1-616-538-5000 and Spalding auto parts has one in Spokane WA for $100. 1-800-366-2070 next time look on www.car-part.com