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03-20-07, 01:55 PM
Anyone else have this problem? I got my card in the mail to get one of my free updated GPS navigation DVDs. So I called the number (1-877-NAV-DISC), give them the code and my VIN, and they promptly shipped it out. I put the disc in exactly as described in the instructions, and get the "Please insert a map DVD" message on the screen. I tried several times to no avail to get it to work. So I go back to the paperwork and notice that they sent me the map disc for a BUICK (Rendevous, Envoy, H2, H3, Suburban and Tahoe are coded for on the disc). NO WONDER IT WOULDN"T WORK ! So I call them back, thinking that they just sent me the wrong disc, but the woman told me that my VIN reads in their database as a Buick Rendevous. Huh? She looks up the VIN on a different database and it shows as an STS-V. Apparently, there are several different databases running and NO ONE is cross checking them. This may account for other coding errors and problems with the GPS and NAV DVD (which has all the codes for the VR software on it as well). She is reporting this to her "supervisor" and will update me as to when I can expect to receive the correct disc.

Just FYI.

03-20-07, 08:31 PM
Yeah I noticed when I entered my VIN at their website it came back and told me that I had a 2006 Buick Terraza.

When I put in the CTS VIN, it tells me that there is no NAV unit in the car!... I know different because I have pushed "I AGREE" on it about 3000 times!

Try it with yours... here is the link.


03-20-07, 10:57 PM
Funny thing about their website - the CTS-V is listed, but NOT the STS-V! After my experience this morning, I stopped by the dealership on the way home. Talked to my sales rep (also VP of sales, so I have a little pull), who hooked me up with the senior tech/parts guy. He took the disc and uploaded the codes off of it and sure enough, it was for the Buick Terraza (and several other models including Rendevous). What is really hillarious is that the original disc from my (functional) GPS is version 2, but the disc they sent me is only version 1 (from 2004). Not much of an update. Not that it matters, since it doesn't work. The dealer had a disc he just received for the STS-V, so we tried it. Nada, Zip, Zilch. So he got on the phone with the NAV-DISC folks and they promised to fix it AND extended my GPS update another 2 years (more free but worthless discs - Yeah!). We will see what happens....

03-20-07, 11:07 PM
GM really has their NAV Disc info messed up. My dad's brand new 2007 Yukon XL came with the wrong NAV-DVD from the factory in the glove box. It took them 6 weeks to straighten the mess out. He wasn't complaining though, he got a free payment out of it.

04-05-07, 11:20 AM
When I got back from Spring Break vacation with the family, the new GPS DVD was waiting on the doorstep. This time, on the cover was a Cadillac logo - not the GM logo on the old one. The DVD was grey and marked "Version 3." I popped it in, and it took about 1 minute to load. Everything worked fine, except for one minor glitch. It somehow activated the driver's side mirror to look down when I am in reverse (I did NOT have that active before). No big deal - just turned it back off. So they DO have the right software, but I have no idea whether the database has been updated. Perhaps the next lucky contestent to order one of these updates will have better luck getting the correct DVD the first time!