: Removing windows - 69 DeVille conv

03-20-07, 11:03 AM
All, I am seeking guidance on the window removal procedure. I'm doing the bodywork, and I want to get to the inside of the doors.

As I understand it, I have to:
*remove the bolts holding the window at the bottom
*raise the window
*tilt it inward to pull the window off the studs

At this time, I think that the window should be able to be removed from the vehicle. Am I correct?

Is there a way to raise the window manually, so that I don't have to put a battery in the car and plug in the window switches, etc?

Thanks for any input.


03-20-07, 07:32 PM
You could possibly get it off track and then would be able to pull it up with little effort, which is your best bet. In my 72 CDV there is also two somewhat of retaining clips or guides that have to be removed as well, which I'm not sure if the 69 has the same. Either way shouldn't be too hard unless you drop the windows in to the door, especially the quarter windows, cause there isn't much room to fit your hands down in there to grab them without getting cut/scratched up real nice. gl