: Volant Cold Air Intake 2005+ STS 4.6L

03-19-07, 11:53 PM
I just purchased volant air intake for my 2005 STS4 4.6L, volant part number 15846150, and it's about 3" too long. any ideas on how to install this thing? It came with useless instructions that don't fit my application. so I hooked it up without the box for the moment. sounds mean and aggressive, but the intake is loud when you get on it. I kinda like it, but i think if I can just install the box with it, it will be the appropriate amount of sound and performance. Anyone else install the volant CAI on their 4.6L?

03-20-07, 08:05 AM
joel4779, I have received my VOLANT CAI but have not yet attempted to install it. The part # on my CAI was 15946150 but the 9 was made into a 8 by someone with a pencil. So I now I am confused. Have you called VOLANT'S tech supportn at 909-476-7225. I am going to call them before I attempt to install mine. If you have any suggestions please let me know.

03-20-07, 09:01 AM
The VOLANT CAI that they installed on your STS, was the part #15846150 or #15946150. Could you please advise us of the correct part#. Since you live in the vicinity of Volant, maybe you could contact them reference the correct part# The CAI that I received was Part#15946150 but the numeral 9 was penciled out and replaced with the # 8.
Appreciate your help,
Thanks Robert

03-20-07, 11:06 AM
Hey Robert,

No literature with my install since it was a pre-release production unit I'm afraid.

I am not local enough to just stop by (100 miles) so giving them a call would seem best and more direct than having a middle-man try to hunt the info down.

If there is a stamp, sticker or embossing of the part # on the unit then let me know where and I can take a look on mine. I was under the impression that most of the components were shared with other installs so that may not be possible as it is really an "order" number vice a distinct part number...

Sorry to hear about the confusion and hope it gets resolved soon!

03-20-07, 02:50 PM
I just left a VM for Daniel to try and get some more info. I'll post whatever I get...

03-20-07, 04:58 PM
OK, glad to see there are others! so I spoke with Daniel and explained my problem. The current configuration was way too tight by an inch or more, up to 3 total. The stock number was penciled in on mine too, as this is the same kit that is used w. another Cadillac model, Daniel says. I took some pictures and sent them to him.

In the mean time.... I basically made a Cold air filter without the use of the box. I removed the adapter that is screwed into the box. you will have to use a standard size wrench to remove the two bolts inside the box. Then I attached the mass airflow sensor to that part. Next, I installed the filter to the adapter piece that was screwed to the box. I did have to dremel or drill out the screw hole towards the top of the mass airflow sensor to get it to align with the filter adapter. I'll add some pictures. This is just temporary until the length problem is address by daniel. Sounds mean, but I would definately like to get the box installed to tone it down.

Oh, and for now, I just have mine hooked up to the stock hose. They are virtually the same size, and you can see, where I put the box over the hose, you can see how much space needs to be removed from the hose in order to fit correctly. otherwise, I found it impossible to get the hoses on both the box and the intake itself. Try it yourself, or do as I done. Email Daniel at volant at email daniel@volantperformance.com with any suggestions. post pics! -joel

03-20-07, 05:44 PM
Well certainly not sure where the issue came into play but my unit fits perfectly and hopefully this is just an issue with the distributors and not something in production.

The "other" install they may have been referencing is the SRX which was released first from Volant for this particular engine.

Good luck getting the right answers and most importantly getting your install "complete".

I'll not bother Daniel with another call since you're already in touch with him.

03-20-07, 05:54 PM
I basically made a Cold air filter without the use of the box.


Just because I've had a looong day and just took some Aspirin to kill this headache...:thepan:

"It can't be a CAI without the box. You're just pulling hot air straight from the engine compartment now..."

Please forgive me Joel. I'm just giving you a hard time and appreciate your not only trying to get your install right. But the fact that you are using the board and sharing your info for all is great as well.

Please take the ribbing in the jovial spirit it is given...:bouncy:

Sorry I couldn't be more help for you and Robert but if you need further info, or anything based on my install please let me know.

03-20-07, 06:53 PM
Haha. trust me, when I say cold air filter, I mean I live in michigan, and any air circulating in that corner of the engine compartment, is ice cold. i know what you're saying, I was in a hurry. that's my story. dang, you guys really pay attention to details!

As far at the install, someone above said that they were successful installing theirs on the 4.6L? My instructions did not come with the correct directions, nor were the directions elaborate in any way. As I see it, I found it too difficult to connect the tube to the intake and the box. Now am I suppose to install this as one complete unit? I have no idea of which order to install to make it possible, and I tried a few different methods. I thought a quick 20 minute swap, and turned into over an hour of frustration. If you could, please advise of the order in which you assembled to make it possible.

What I did, was installed the tube completed with the mass flow sensor on it, and then put the CAI box in place. Next puting the tube in was not possible. Nor was connecting the tube to the box and then plugging into the intake as it stretched beyond the intake. help!

Also, read this SRX haha:
I installed the intake on Wednesday. Let me just say that Volant really should include instructions with the product. All they include is a diagram which really doesn't provide a lot of insight. After about an hour, I had taken the stock intake out and installed the Volant intake. Turned the key, SRX started and then died. Had my neighbor look while I restarted and determined that the rubber gasket was being sucked in. I jimmy rigged a cardboard cutout which matched the design of the rubber gasket to keep it from being suck in. Put in the cardboard and gasket, restarted and still died. I remembered seeing some plastic on the filter inside the box. Unscrewed the top and took off the plastic. Restarted and what do you know, the vehicle stayed on! I was so pissed that they didn't put a sticker somewhere saying being sure to remove the plastic! Anyways, the SRX now growls a little bit and you can feel the horsepower increase. MPG is up around 2 mpg on highway. Would suggest purchasing one if you have the V-6 for sure and even the V-8. Plus autoanything price matched the difference since I found the Volant on another site for $266 shipped. Just wanted to provide some feedback for those of you wondering if it is worth it. It is.

This may be helpful too:
I installed a Volant on my SRX N*V8 in Oct 05. I found that the SRX N* filter area was much smaller than my 99 Concours and that the XLR uses TWO the size of the ONE SRX filter. Could not find a K&N or AirHog to fit SRX, (I'm glad since a friend installed a K&N & had to remove after ~ 100 mi trip at normal hiway speed due to excessive intake noise). My job took about 30-45 min to unpack; remove stock air cleaner duct, assy, & MAF sensor; then remove plastic bag from the cone filter, and instl Volant CAI system. I did initially find intake noise significantly louder than stock (particularly under heavier throttle, but also in normal driving). I then found that much of the noise was "structure borne". I purchased 2 rubber washers ~ 1/2" thick & longer mounting bolts from local hdwe store, isolated CAI box from the frame via the rubber mounts; intake sound now close to stock (except under heavy throttle). I'm very satisfied.

Also, volant did not include a bracket/clip for the coolant lines that rest on top.

That's all for now.

03-21-07, 01:56 AM
Haha. trust me, when I say cold air filter, I mean I live in michigan, and any air circulating in that corner of the engine compartment, is ice cold.

If you could, please advise of the order in which you assembled to make it possible.

Ahhh, nice Michigan cool :cool2: weather to feed your beast...

As for assembly order... That unfortunately is exactly why I am not of much help. Volant did my install themselves at their plant in order to check the fit before the system release.

It was a drop-off/pick-up (see post/pics in the other Volant thread) so I did not see/watch them do any of the work on it at all.

Daniel is who I dealt with at Volant as well and all went just fine according to him and as far as I've noticed has been fine ever since.

Hopefully they can help you out to get this straight. So far it sounds rather frustrating for what should have been a fairly simple remove & replace.

If they don't give you more direction by tomorrow then PM me with the length of the pipe and I will measure the fits on mine to see if anything stands out.

And the beat goes on...

03-21-07, 12:54 PM
great, Thanks!

I don't think I can PM yet (newbie), but I will update here. =)

03-23-07, 08:46 AM
I see you mentioned autoanything. What was the other site that was selling the CAI for the STS? I haven't done a search in a couple of weeks, but the last time I did a search, I did not find anyone who had them for the STS and this included autoanything. I'm wondering if they sold you the wrong unit. I will search again today since it seems like the product has begun to make it to the distributors.

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