: Clearing trouble code??

03-18-07, 12:05 PM
I followed the procedure for checking my trouble codes on my 93 FWB and I came up with a code 00-32 (egr failed to open on command off idle). When I press the off button to clear the code nothing happens. What am i doing wrong? I get an intermittant service engine light which goes away after I shut off the car and restart it.
Anyone please, I need to take a trip and I want to see if the code appears again before I go.

03-18-07, 04:10 PM
One of you smarter than me folks out there should be able to tell me how to clear this code??

03-19-07, 01:13 PM
I'll take a guess that if you are hitting the clear button to get rid of the code, but it won't clear, then the same fault (bad EGR?) still persists or is currently 'faulting'.

03-19-07, 09:29 PM
It is possible but I don't think it is because the light is now off and the engine is not running while I try to clear the code. I am going to go to a shop and see if I can get it cleared with a code reader as soon as I get my radiator back in. Thanks for the reply, I thought maybe I wasn't liked here.:)

03-20-07, 01:12 PM
IIRC the engine must be running in order to properly run diagnostics and clear codes.

Of course you're liked here! You have good taste in cars. :)

03-20-07, 07:22 PM
I tried it running and not but it would not clear. I changed the EGR Valve as it would not hold vaccum and then unhooked the battery. After the computer rebooted and ran it's checks the code was gone so I guess that is how I need to clear it. I drove it down the road and with the exception of a VES history code I am now code free. Got my radiator changed out today due to a small leak and I am ready to ride from Florida to Oregon on Friday. We are going straight through so I wanted the Caddy fixed for a nice ride. One way to break in my new ride I guess.:)