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03-17-07, 10:41 AM
You would surmise that, for $50,000, you would get lights in the glove box and console, wouldn't you? Well, you would be wrong. Although my Buick Rendezvous had these neat little creature comforts (as well as every other car I can think of), my 06 SRX doesn't. Maybe I'm just hung up on this design omission (probably the accountants telling the designers how to do their job). Lo and behold, for the princely sum of $14.00, I solved it!!!

You can buy a box of 10 battery powered little diode-type lights on the "As Seen on TV" shelf at Walgreen's. They work by sticking them where you want to, and then sticking a little magnet (provided with the light) just above it so that the magnet aligns with the light when the door is closed and then moves away from it when it opens. The only caveats - (1) don't use the sticky back tape on the lights, it'll fall off after a while - use heavy duty tape or, better, velcro, and (2) install them so that you can reach the battery compartment when they need to be replaced (not necessary if you use the velcro).

I know it's not GM factory-issue type stuff - but they're not visible until the compartment is open and they are extremely effective. I put one in the glove box, two in the console, 1 in each door compartment and 1 in the rear strorage compartment.

This may not change your entire life but it does indeed solve a problem.