: Kendrick Cadillac - Lafayette, IN

DDS rollin a CTS
03-16-07, 10:30 PM
I purchased an 03 CTS from Kendrick Cadillac in June 2005 and have only returned 2 or 3 times since due to thier lousy service. Any time I've ever asked someone there a question they've responded by staring blankly and drooling. Also they dont provide any sort of transportation when your car is in for service. The dealership I go to in Indy provides brand-spanking-new DTS's as free loaners if your car is in for waranty work. The guys at Kendrick acted like I was twisting their arm when I asked for a ride home, and told me I'd have to find my own transportation back to the dealership.

My most recent visit to Kendrick Cadillac was last weekend because I'd discovered some fluid leaking from under the engine. They told me that they cleaned off the engine and couldnt find the source of the leak. Less than 2 minutes after picking up my car I discovered the air conditioner no longer worked so I called my dealership in Indy. As soon as I told them about the leak they diagnosed the problem before I could mention that the a/c didnt work. After completing the repair, the guys in Indy said there was no way anyone at Kendrick Cadillac had actually looked at my car because they'd have to be blind AND retarded to have not figured it out.

I guess the moral of the story is to stay away from Kendrick Cadillac. They're just simple-minded country folk that have no buisiness servicing such a high-tech machine.