View Full Version : 2006 STS - C & Ride leveling

03-15-07, 10:18 PM
Help me out with this one...

I have a 2006 STS C model (loaded V6) and my build sheet states it has the ride leveling suspension. HOWEVER, when I took the car to the dealer for service I asked if it was functioning after a trip with 5 people and a packed trunk I received mixed answers if the system existed in my model. One service adviser informed me the car had it, my friend/sales manager confirmed with the build sheet, and yet another advisors said "no".

Again, the build sheet said "YES"...

In the end they placed the car on the lift to discover it does NOT have the system based on the lack of pump.

When I purchased the car I could have sworn it had it based on the sales information.

Am I getting old? Does anyone have the STS- C with the ride leveling.

Thanks for listening and hope it made sense... :D