: Taillights dont like to turn on

broughamin it
03-15-07, 01:31 PM
First off i have to say that this site is awsome :thumbsup:. i have been a long time viewer but never had to register until now...

i drive an 1989 Brougham D'elegance and love every minuit of it until i went to drive to work this morning an realized that my taillights no longer work when i turn on my lights. but they still work when i press the brakes or use a turn signal. i do have a burnt out bulb on each side (the bulb at the top) but i dont think that it would cause my lights to stop working.

also, whenever i turn on my lights my gas gauge goes straight to full no matter how much gas i have. kinda annoying but i can still make due by judging milage.

i just thought one of you guys might of had the same problem and could save me a trip to the stealership because i much rather fix it myself than give my money to them. and i also don't feel like diving into all those wires in the dash with no real direction.

any input you have is greatly appreciated.


Cadillac Giovanni
03-15-07, 01:51 PM
It may not be in your dash. I'd check the wires in the back of the car, they're not too hard to get too from underneath. It sounds like perhaps the wires to your tail lights have been crossed with the wires from the tank guage sender.

broughamin it
03-15-07, 08:08 PM
i took a look and i didnt notice anything other than way too much road salt :bigroll: plus there is more wires down there than i feel like messing with on my backin the snow.

The Ape Man
03-17-07, 05:13 PM
Best way to attack this would be to open up both taillights and replace all the bulbs. Make sure the contacts in the sockets all look about the same. Not worth nickel and diming one at a time here.
The gas guage thing might be caused by a bad ground trace in the dash printed circuit but that is only a guess. Try dimming the dash dimmer all the way and see if the gas guage reading changes after a minute. The answer might help figure out the fault.