: What's the story behind your cadillac?

03-15-07, 12:53 PM
So what's the story behind your cadillac? Where did it come from? Who bought it? Etc etc...

Here's my story:

Basically, my great aunt married a really rich guy way back in the good ol' days and in like 1960 they drove to oregon and bought a cadillac. Every single year after that, they would drive back to oregon and trade in their old car and buy a new one. He would choose the color and model for one year, and the next year she would chose. If I remember right, she always got white and he always got black. (Just think of the cherry cars that they had! 67 CDV! 70 CDV!!!) He died sometime in the early 80's I think, and she continued the trend in vegas. Except she kind of gambled all of the money away and the last caddy she bought brand new was my '85 fleetwood. After losing all her money, she moved in with my grandparents in like 1993 and now she's in a rest home. If only she had kept all of those caddys!:rant2:

After she moved in with my grandparents, he took over ownership of the cadillac. Basically it sat in a garage between his '56 GMC and his '87 sedan deville. They switched driving between the '85 and the '87 basically until I got it. They drove the '87 more than the '85. Once in a while when they made the 400+ mile journey from San bernadino to Santa cruz, they would bring the white beast. When I was a kid I always remembered how deep the seats were and how my grandpa almost drove into the wrong entrance to the freeway. Since then it's had a replaced windshield, new tires (WHY BLACKWALL!!!), replaced hood ornament, and it got rear ended. That's why I have a ghetto right rear tailight and a small dent in the chrome bumper. I take great care of her. I just spent 3 hours yesterday washing and waxing her up and cleaning out the inside. She's outside right now sitting under a protective cover.

so what are all of your stories? I'm curious to know...

03-15-07, 01:32 PM
I was 17, I needed a car of my own pretty bad. I hate import cars and I love being a little bit different from everybody else. So I wanted a big luxury boat with enough power to pull a train and to drive to drive it to highschool everyday. I scoured eBay for months looking for the right car, I finally decided on Cadillac as my brand. I found my DeVille in Des Moines, the car was photographed terribly, it was on the side of a shed with two flat tires, I asked the guy for very specific pictures of the car, it turned out to be in mint condition. I flew out there, payed way under its worth and drove it back to upstate NY with NO PROBLEMS!!! Even got a speeding ticket :P

That is not the end of my saga, God willing I will have many more excursions just like that one!

03-15-07, 01:34 PM
nice! what year deville?

03-15-07, 01:49 PM
Great thread idea!

My '79 Phaeton is originally from Beverly Hills CA, it was custom ordered and shipped to Hillcrest Motors from the Clark street plant in Detroit. There's a a pretty big gap of time I don't know about after that, but I think the original owner really loved it, he did a lot of cool little things to it like custom two tone pinstriping, sound deadening the trunk walls, having the arm rests padded and covered in leather. At some point, the car switched owners and moved up to Ventura county. Shoddy workmanship and signs of recent abuse tell me it wasn't loved so much in later years. Then in 2006 it went up for auction on eBay. I had been looking for a Phaeton, so Chad (you know him as Ilovecaddys8792) found it for me. I bought it, then Craig (77CDV) went and looked at it for me. The rest is history

My '83 Coupe de Ville has the classic little old lady driven story. I know the original owner, she's in her 80s now, with a dyed black beehive hair do, red fingernails, a respirator and cigarette always at her mouth. She special ordered it in Cotillion white with saddle leather, she didn't want one in any other color. She told me she couldn't wait to see it and how it was the longest two weeks of her life haha. At that time her and her husband were living in North Carolina, so they ordered it at Harry's of Asheville. When I bought it in Jan. 2005 it had only 46,000 miles on it. She had traded it for a mini van. When I got in contact with her she couldn't wait to see her Cadillac again, and said she regretted ever parting with it. (later she tried to buy it back). To give you an idea how how carefully this car has been taken care of, one time she got pulled over on the freeway for going 30 mph!

I found my 1990 Brougham later in 2005 at a local Cadillac dealer. An older couple with health issues had traded it and another car in for a new Suburban. Apparently it was the wife's car, she ordered it new and had traded in a 1986 Brougham. I found tons of original literature and the gold keys in the glovebox, plus the original cassette still in the wrapper. She had planned on keeping the car for the rest of her life, but couldn't care for it anymore. Reportedly she cried when handing over the keys.

Cadillac Giovanni
03-15-07, 02:03 PM
If only she had kept all of those caddys!:rant2:

Tell me about it. You'd be as happy as a pig in shit.

Anyway, here's my story...

I've always had an affliction with Cadillacs, and my first car was a hand me down from my mother, that used to belong to my grandfather, his 86 Deville. That car was not long for this world, and was in disrepair, so when it bit the dust, i went searching.

My favorite car of my grandpa's was his 83 Fleetwood, so I wanted a comparable car. It turned out my 89 Brougham was a perfect fit so I went for it. Unfortunately, it seemed a majority of these cars for sale were in texas or in somewhere else far away, and not being one to buy a car over long distances with ebay or some other tool, i was in trouble. Also because i wanted black, no two ways about it.

I was about to give in and buy a 96 fleetwood from a nearby dealer, but just when the chips seemed to be down, up on auto trader popped a 1989 Brougham D'Elegance. Black. Within 50 miles of my home. I took a ride up there after work one day and took a look at it. It belonged to an old man named Alvin who lived with his brother. Nice guys. I wondered why he was selling it, it seemed to be in good condition, and he was still able to drive. I found out the only reason he was selling it was because he had bought another just like it. Not only that, his brother owned yet another black brougham. I arrived at their house to see three broughams parked front to back. I inspected the car, it was in really good condition, and i only paid 1000 bucks for it.

As a matter of fact, his brother is now selling his brougham


I think the picture makes it look worse than it is. I remember it being very nice when i was there to buy mine. It's funny, I have a picture of my car for sale in that same exact spot.

03-15-07, 02:36 PM
you guys have some great stories. I hope there's more to come... Benzilla I gotta say again, you have such sweet caddies.

03-15-07, 03:39 PM
Thanks, I really like yours too.

Did you ever see The Color Of Money? There's a white Brougham much like yours used throughout the whole movie.

03-15-07, 04:19 PM
Prayed to god about a year ago to help me figure out a way to start learning automotive mechanics, since I'v always wanted to do that.

Buddy appeared, he went to a party, mexican guy had this caddy out back. I took one look at it, drove it around the block, I needed a cheap car to get to and from work, and paid him in cash a week later and now I have an 88 brougham.

Car was in a completely decapitated condition and has needed an insane amount of work put into it and still needs more work. It's a pain in the ass when you've got to get to and fro work and something like your wheel bearings start going. Ugh.

So, in short, I got what I prayed for.

I just hope in two years, when it's all said and done, all the work I've put into it will pay off. I love the ride, I just want it to last.

03-15-07, 04:26 PM
Have you posted pictures anywhere? I'd like to see how it's coming.

03-15-07, 04:53 PM
Hmmm, mine was sitting on the side of the road with a for sale sign. Guy wanted $2k I got him down to $1300 and started modifying it. I had an '87 at the time and really found myself wanting a 91-92 model so I thought it was a good score. Previous owner in his last year of ownership gave the car a new paint job, put a new top on it, had the transmission rebuilt, new alternator and some new A/C components and then the stock 305 started smoking. This is where he drew the line and decided to sell, and that worked out great for me because the car really just needed a motor.

03-15-07, 05:35 PM
I was 15 and a half or so and my grandfather called and told me to look at the list of cars on the toledo police website. I saw two cars i liked, a late 70's trans am, and the 1988 brougham. When he went to the auction, he checked out the cars and found out that the trans am had the right rear side smashed in, so that was out.

He bid on the Cadillac and won for something like $1400. He then proceeded to call my parents and tell them that they needed to come and pick up their new car, and of course they were completely confused because they had no idea he was going to buy it.

The car had to be towed from the auction lot because of a dead battery, so we didnt even know if the car ran. We got it to my grandpas shop, and with a charged battery, a couple pumps of the gas, and two turns, the car started right up, albeit a bit rough and some black smoke coming from the exhaust. Some running fixed this right up, and a few WOT runs to 45 helped clear up the black smoke.

Plugs, wires, distributor cap, rotor, fuel filter, air filter and a new level ride sensor put the car in great shape.

Since then I have swapped out the cam and gotten her all cleaned up from all the dirt and grime that sat on her the whole time she was at the police auction lot.

I never did find out why it was there (the police auction), but I found some keychains from a funeral home under the front seat. lol.

03-16-07, 01:36 AM
I always wanted a big assed caddy and was always sort of looking but whenever i would find one for a decent price the frame would be rotten (ottawa, canada= a whole lot of road salt)
Last year my dad bought a condo in a highrise and visiting him one day i saw this 88 brougham in awesome condition sitting inside the parking garage and i asked him about it and he told me it was the superintendant's car and he would ask about it for me.
The guy was sort of looking to sell and said 2500 would take it, i told him not thanks because i could find one cheaper.
Couple months later i was kicking myself for not buying and got my dad to ask about it again, turns out the super needed it gone within the week and if i were to give him 500 bucks it was mine.
I obviously snatched it right up and when i brought it in for the safety inspection the mechanic told me that all the suspension, brake system and all the parts underneath the car looked to have less than 1000kms on them, then i found the reciepts in the trunk, over 4000 bucks spent within the past 2 years and the car was driven a total of 600kms.
The only problem with the car is that the guy was a heavy smoker and burned the hell out of the seats and door cards but that will be fixed in a month when it gets warm enough to go junkyard hunting.

the car has 97000 original kms and was never winter driven

03-16-07, 02:07 AM
I got my 93 fleet from a 70 year old man, he was told he had cancer and had to go to california to get treatment, when he got there and got tested he found out he did not actually have cancer, he was so happy he went a purchased the fleet brand new while he was there and drove it all the way back to Washington. I know nothing about my 95 fleet other than whoever owned it did not take great care of it.