: FIRST EVER NATIONAL MEET Des Moines, Iowa May 18th-20th 1/4 mile golf drinking food

03-14-07, 08:53 PM
This will be the first ever NATIONAL meet of the forums! This WILL be the biggest meet in the history of Cadillacowners.com. BE THERE!!!

Here is the confirmation thread:

Here is the thread for questions or concerns:

Feel free to e-mail me at nick50310@msn.com or PM me if needed!

Urby has already okayed my spamming of this. Please do not delete this thread! Please do not reply to this thread unless you are bumping it!

This meet is being put on by myself and JRAU!

03-16-07, 10:46 AM
moved back, this thread belongs here.

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03-16-07, 02:40 PM
Hey urb, how about a sticky?