: 1959 - How do you tell a Series 62 from a DeVille?

03-13-07, 07:35 PM
I saw this '59 6-window sitting (as it has been for years - don't ask where), and I went to go dig up some info on the 59's. I see that there were two different models available in the exact same body style, and I was wondering what are the tell-tale differences between the Series 62 and the Series 63 (DeVille)? Was the Series 62 the predicessor to the Cadillac Calais of the 70's? Would I tell the two apart in the same fasion ie: door reflectors instead of lights, and hardly any options? Just trying to learn a little more about these fine rides. Anybody that has a good link - feel free to post it. :D

03-13-07, 11:34 PM
What I Found Was ,the 6200 Had 5 Models,the 6300 Had 3 Models,
The 6300 Is Reffered To As The Deville Sub Series Yet They Cost About 4 To 5 Hundred Dollars More,and Weighed About 15 Lbs. More.
Only Distinct Diff, I Can Find Is The 6300 ,two Sedans And Coupe Had "script Nameplates On The Rear Fenders,thus Eliminating The Use Of The Front Fender Crest Medallions" They Were Otherwise Trimmed The Same.
Hope This Helps.

03-13-07, 11:50 PM
Is this any help?


03-14-07, 04:18 PM
It's very easy to tell. However the exteriors are identical except for scripting. The interiors, though, are much different. Mainly the seating area. For the Serise 62, there was no front armrest - One big bench (split for coupes). For the DeVille, there was an armrest in the front; the only exception is the Series 62 Convertible, since there wasn't a DeVille convertible in '59. The Convertible Series 62 had a front bench seat with an armrest like a Deville, as well as the rest of the DeVille features. But you can also tell by the door panels. A Deville had fancier door panels. Also note the DeVille armrest. Also DeVille's had buttoned seats Look at this it's a Deville:

(ebay: 250093207505)

A Series 62 (note the simpler design of the seats, and the different door panel):

(ebay: 290087987923)

These differences were uniform throughout the Coupe and Sedan Line, so it should be fairly easy to tell. Now the Fleetwood and Eldorados were even fancier, so be on the look out for those. They also had extra chrome and bullets on the exterior.

Good Luck

03-14-07, 07:54 PM
Thank you very much for your help! I had already gone to see the car today, and took a look at the body tag (6229 - I assume was the "62" prefix in that code identified it apart from a DeVille [63-series]), but it sure is nice to know the real difference between the two. I was suprised to see that it does have cruise - that's a big bonus. :D Thanks again!, PRG04

03-14-07, 08:03 PM
You're welcome.
The '59 is actually my ultimate dream car. I had the opportunity to get one once that was running and everything. It was the Flattop DeVille Sedan, and it was nice. The guy selling said he'd give it to me for $1700, a steal. But when I came back two days later with cash, it was gone. It went to the Cadillac Ranch to be desecrated...sad, sad, sad. But that's what got me hooked. So when I realized I couldn't get another for that price, I took the next best option - A big 90s Brougham. I still hope to get a '59 some day, though.

Good luck with the '59; I'd have her any day over my Brougham. Keep us updated!