: Extra retail space. What should I do with it?

03-13-07, 04:36 PM
I was in the city today with the guy from the property management company looking at office space. We found two, dirt cheap, with professional neighbors -- one's a property management firm, another is a photo studio, and the third I think was a CPA or something. There's plenty of flaws inside but he offered to get it all fixed. I'm filling out the lease application right now.

The 'problem' is, they're both quite big and I'd only use about 25% of the square footage for my online book business. The rest is open and empty.

So, what should I do with the rest of the space? Zoning regulations say no barber shops and no convenience stores, neither of which I care to do anyway.

03-13-07, 05:04 PM
a game place? set up some pinball machines, pool tables... I'm not too good at this... I would say since your space is an online bookstore I would say put a coffee shop...

03-13-07, 05:23 PM
Adult books and movies. Party supplies and marital aids. Visqueen and Crisco.

03-13-07, 05:39 PM

03-13-07, 05:54 PM
Get some investors and do a hot spot for free.....
and aren't your online books for college books and such?
Maybe even a tutoring service

03-13-07, 05:57 PM
What's the website for the online books? Where can we look? What's your inventory? I'll probably buy some crap from ya if you have -other than textbooks-.

03-13-07, 06:09 PM
Spyder: Its nothing -but- textbooks. :)

03-13-07, 06:14 PM
Well that doesn't help me much now, does it? :)

03-13-07, 07:30 PM
Go for the big bucks

Meth Lab

03-13-07, 08:11 PM
porn studio

03-13-07, 08:31 PM
Adult novelties: bondage gear, flavored massage oils, edible undies, XXX dvd rental, etc. :hide:

03-13-07, 08:35 PM
Adult novelties: bondage gear, flavored massage oils, edible undies, XXX dvd rental, etc. :hide:

I think Rolex is onto something here, the margins in the adult novelty field are sky-high!

03-13-07, 10:20 PM
exactly college kids can buy their text books and naughty toys at one convenient location.

03-13-07, 10:24 PM
Laundromat. Get ready to be hauling bags and bags of money to the bank.

03-13-07, 10:25 PM
I need to re-enroll.