View Full Version : 87 brougham runs perfect now!

03-12-07, 02:46 PM
i bought a 1987 brougham its in real nice condition low miles "brand new" interior. but it had this problem. when i steped on the brakes and it got down to about 5-10 mph it felt like it was gonna stall. it also did accelerating between the same speeds. i was reading here and everyone said check vacuum lines, carb, spark plugs, etc. well $300 later it still did it then my friend who owns a trans shop replaced the shifter selinoid and now the car runs perfect. it even fixed the high idle. and now i cant even feel it shift. it was the best $100 i ever spent. so anyway when all the usuall fixes dont work maybe just go get a trans tune up. my friend said this part needs to be replaced every 50,000 miles.

03-12-07, 03:09 PM
Glad you got it running well. The TCC solenoid is a common failure on the 200-4R

Cadillac Giovanni
03-12-07, 03:42 PM
I know mine is due for it as well. I guess GM was thinking. They figured if they were going to have a component fail so commonly, they may as well make it one that's easy to replace.