View Full Version : To Cadillac Leadership, regarding the ULTRA.....

03-12-07, 10:38 AM
I've read that over then next few months, you'll be deciding on the future of Cadillac and the models you'll be producing, and axing. I think I speak for thousands of members of this site when I say that with all certainty, you MUST build the Ultra. ULS, Ultra, Fleetwood, whatever you call it, it has to be built to build credibility for Cadillac. We're well aware of the fact it'll cost a fortune to develop, but without it, Cadillac has no flagship car, no matter how you might try with the STS-V. We know that you guys have a lot more to deal with than the public ever sees as far as problems or development are concerned, but there is absolutely no doubt that your fine company, Cadillac, needs a flagship sedan again. If you want to build pretige and successfully re-position Cadillac, the general public needs to see this car be built. Steps taken like this would only serve to help Cadillac once again become the Standard of the World. :thumbsup:

And would you please call it the Fleetwood?