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03-12-07, 05:33 AM
hi, there
i'm alex, and i live in the netherlands, a small country in europe.
u know, amsterdam, wooden shoes, and all that other crap!!
but also a country with a lot of american car lovers,we have quite a big car scene out here, with several club's, meeting's and cruise's going on in the summer months. the rest of the year is shitty wheater, so we whorship the time we can spend in the sun!!
like a lot of you guys here, i'm also a cadillac fanatic, and at the moment i'm the proud owner of a 72 cdv. i,ve owned for little over six years know.
the car was shipped to europe in 2001, she had one owner and was dealer delivered in san diego 35 years ago!! so i bought it in the netherlands, and been spending my monney and time on her since then.
i've pimped it out a little bit and she's sittin on 20 inch phanters,i hope u guys like it!? here's some pics


03-12-07, 01:13 PM
Sweet ride! Don't know if I'd go the animal print route for the interior, but then again you did say "pimped it out". I guess you mean pimp in the old school sense of the word, like from the 1970s. :)

Looks great! That is a huge exhaust pipe!

03-12-07, 04:37 PM
Steillex, I have a friend who lives in the Netherlands. His name is Marco Prommenschekel. He attends many car shows and meets with his 1991 454SS pickup truck. Perhaps you have seen him or it?

Old Fleetwood
03-12-07, 09:13 PM
Welcome, steillex.
That car would be a head-turner WITHOUT the goodies you have added, but with what you've done, you will likely give the locals a bad case of whiplash!
Enjoy your ride. She's really spectacular !

03-13-07, 01:28 PM
hey dude that is one awesome ride. I've never been a fan of huge rims and low profile tires, but I gotta say, yours looks killer. I've always liked the early 70's CDV's they look so slick. keep up the good work and dont hesitate to ask if you got a question