: leather cleaner

03-22-04, 08:36 PM
somebody told me about KIWI Suede & Nubuck cleaner for the leather in my caddy. just like to see what anyone has to say about this before I decide to try it. I would like to get out some dark stains in my light grey leather.

03-23-04, 12:37 PM
I have used the Zymol product available in Target Stores for about $7. Used both the cleaner and the leather treatment and it not only smells very good, it is a natural treatment that does not contain silicone or petro-chemicals. I use the cleaner on soil spots and the treatment frequently on all the leather. Both the cleaner and the treatment suggest warming the seats in sunshine or treat them when the leather is good and warm. I was very careful and looked at all products and read about other owner's experience here before testing the above on my 98 Eldo.


03-23-04, 01:21 PM
Lexol & Zaino also make some good leather products

03-24-04, 04:26 PM
A friend recommended leather shoe polish. I tried it on my 97 Seville's light tan (similar color shoe polish) leather interior and it worked great!!! It filled in most of the discoloration in the cracks and is cleaner and shinier than it has ever been