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03-10-07, 07:51 PM
I currently own a Trailblazer SS as the work truck. I am looking to purchase something new. My wife wants an 07 Escalade but I want a V-series sedan. Not sure on the CTS but think the STS is too big.

The trailblazer is black 2WD LT with intake, headers, tune.

03-10-07, 08:05 PM
Greetings and :welcome: to the Cadi forums :)

03-10-07, 09:19 PM
:thumbsup: :welcome: Have you checked out the SRX? It might be what your looking for.

03-10-07, 11:18 PM
Welcome to the forum!

03-11-07, 01:35 AM
IBG Ya, welcome to the forum man!!! Let us know what you wind up getting...

03-11-07, 08:58 AM
I'd simply say go test drive the CTS and STS-V's and that should tell you right there which one is best for you. :)

03-11-07, 11:45 AM
Welcome to the forum! Both choices are good caddys. SRX is an in between of a CTS/STS and Lade which can be a nice choice. You get an SUV with a V Grill. :)

In my opinion I like a Lade EXT since its more similar to a truck. If you want a sedan I'd go with an STS-V, eventhough you're not too likeable to it because its bigger than the CTS-V.

03-11-07, 11:49 AM
Welcome to the boards & enjoy your stay. :alchi: