: Wiring additional lights, which wire is reverse lights?

03-10-07, 06:59 PM
I am wiring some low amp fog lights on either side of my trailer hitch to light behind and beside when backing up.

Does anyone have a electrical diagram or service manual handy who can tell me what color the backup light power wire is? I want to tie in right at the junction box above the drivers side rear bumper. A diagram of this junction would even be better.

I have the trailer harness wired, but it's a 4 wire, and does not have a reverse signal wire, or I'd just tap into the trailer harness.


P.S. I'm also putting on black zinc coated rotors and painting my calipers (black and red) this/next month, so I'll be posting pictures of the backup lights and 20" wheels to my cardomain site. www.cardomain.com\id\57TBird (http://www.cardomain.com\id\57TBird)

top tiger
03-11-07, 11:26 AM
The backup light wire is light green and is routed up the driver side D-pillar and then into the hatch where the backup lights are located. It does NOT pass through the 12 wire connector behind/ahead the rear bumper on driver side.