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03-10-07, 04:43 PM
I'm looking for a 1968 deville ragtop parts car and found what I thought was one (without a front end). I wrote down what I thought was the VIN -
F8135609 - from a tag between the windshield glass and the dash. Obviously this isn't long enough to be a VIN #, but does it contain any information about the car?. The trunk was locked shut(thought there might be a tag under there) and of course the picture I took of the tag near the firewall turned out too blury to read. Thanks for any help.

PS-Admins, it'd be handy to be able to search for 3 character strings(ie VIN).

03-11-07, 05:29 AM
It's a bit silly replying to my own post, but I did confirm that the number above is the correct vin number. Aside from confirming the correct number of digits (this format began in '68), I can't find any way to decode it. Just for the reference of others, there is some information on this at


(for the search engine: trim tags, trim plates cowl tags, vin numbers, body number tags, sill plates)

03-11-07, 02:40 PM

Here is some links about cadillac 1968 history, vin's, facts and options that you can look in if you haven't already.

the first link is cadillac in general 1968:


The second is over the DeVille 1968: