View Full Version : Rear bumper cover removal

03-09-07, 10:16 PM
I need to remove the rear bumper cover for repairs on an '05 STS. The plastic push-pin fasteners and a screw in each rear wheel well, and the plastic fasteners holding the wrapunder bottom panel, are obvious and relatively easy to remove, but there are some fasteners between the upper sides of the cover and the quarter panels that are not accessible (as best I can tell) from inside the trunk compartment or from underneath. Maybe these fasteners just pull apart, but I don't want to further damage the cover by pulling the wrong direction, or pulling when that's not the way it's assembled. Has anyone gone through this process, or have illustrations, or any other advice? Thanks.

03-10-07, 03:31 PM
Got the info from a Cadillac body tech. In case anyone else is interested, once the fasteners are removed from inside the wheel well, the sides of the bumper cover can be pulled outward, and they just pop loose from the remaining retaining devices on the quarter panel. There are also four nuts to remove from inside the trunk, accessible after removing the plastic trim piece that runs along the lower lip of the trunk opening. Plus several plastic retainers under the bottom. The plastic retainers in the wheel wells are the type that have a center pin that is pulled out about 1/2", after which the remainder of the retainer can be removed and the whole thing reused. The push pins holding the bottom flap to the body are the serrated type that are best replaced after removal. After you've done the whole operation the first time in 35-45 minutes, you could probably repeat the work in 15-20 minutes.