: New Caddy Owner! 1973 DeVille Need some suggestions.

03-09-07, 06:37 PM
First thing's first, my ride:
Its a 1973 Cadillac Sedan Deville w/472, Runs great and body is perfect. My first question is exhuast, what would be a good setup for exhaust i'm looking for something that is going to be throaty, has a good growl, and is fairly loud. Trying to mimic a muscle car i guess.

Secondly, i was wondering where i could get a nice PCV/oil breather setup mine was missing when i bought it.

Thirdly, what would cause my speedo not to work? Havnt really looked into it much just wanted to know.

and lastly, the "stop engine oil" and "stop engine temp" keep coming on intermitantly and my oil pressure and level are fine along with my engine temp what would cause this to happen?

Sorry for being so long-winded, had all these things on my mind
Thank you in advance!

Old Fleetwood
03-09-07, 09:06 PM
Welcome to the group!
You have a great platform to work on. And you'll find this BB a real Gold Mine of information on new and old RWD Cadillacs.
IMHO, Brother Elias will give you the lowdown on exhaust systems which he put on his 1996 Fleetwood Brougham. Somewhere, 'way back in the archives of this BB you will find sights and sounds of his Fleetwood with his Borla system.
However, that's a totally different automobile and it sounds like you want more sounds anyway. Still, you can get some VERY good - and inexpensive - ideas from the group here.
Enjoy your ride and, once more,
WELCOME :thumbsup:

03-10-07, 02:11 AM
most of the time those lights come on with the car is about to stall...maybe its idling to low or something...Have you checked your coolant level to make sure its full and checked the thermostat. Over heating obviously would cause the temp light. And it could simply be just something random.

03-12-07, 11:37 AM
my 72 cdv, with a 472 uses a 2,5" dual exhaust with glasspacks at the end.
gives it that mean loud sound when you hit the pedal.

03-12-07, 08:17 PM
on my 72 CDV my speedometer makes an awful noise and wobbles.. there is a line that runs in to the back of the speedo and rotates a bushing, thus making the needle move to show your speed, check the line make sure its still connected. You can be able to see it if you remove the lower dash panel that is right under the steering column and grab a flashlight and look closely for a big cable that runs straight into the back of a baby blue box(speedometer/gas), you will notice it cause its the biggest line under there, then again to the other end of the same cable. If all connected it could be one of these bushings have been totally wiped out.. which happens even on mid 90's cars, or could be the line broke inside the cable, which imho I don't think that is very likely, but who knows. hope this helps some. Cheers