: LT1 PCV Valve Location

03-09-07, 06:04 PM
Where in the heck is the PCV valve on these LT1s. I can't find it. I know it isn't in the valve cover like the L05s. Sorry to sound like a idiot.

03-09-07, 07:26 PM
It has been a while, but if I remember right it goes in the intake manifold on the driver's side about midway back. I think that's where it is. I know it is in a tight spot on that engine.

Old Fleetwood
03-09-07, 08:53 PM
ewill3rd -
Your memory is right on. I struggled to find it in my '95 factory manual (Powertrain) and then had a hard time with the diagram (figure C13-3, Page 6E3-13-2) which looks like there's also another PCV valve on the right bank, toward the rear of the motor.
Or is that simply a hose that just sucks?
(Only until now has it been warm enuf to go out and raise the hood. We're having a heat wave today. It's getting up to 25 degrees ! )

03-10-07, 08:21 AM
Thanls guys I found it on the driver's side manifold midway. I couldn't find another!

03-10-07, 08:29 AM
That hose on the right side from the throttle body area to the valve cover is just a breather tube. It allows the crankcase to draw fresh air from the filtered intake air duct.
I'd almost forgotten where that thing was. I remember it being fairly tight in there where it is.

Old Fleetwood
03-10-07, 02:06 PM
Thanks. That drawing shows something where it goes into the right valve cover that "might" be another PCV although it's not labeled as such. That's why I was curious about what it was.
Thanx again.

03-10-07, 05:32 PM
As always you guys (and gals) are most welcome.

04-11-12, 05:00 PM
There is only one PCV on LT1. Correct, the FSM index is absolutely useless when you need to find something like PCV. You can try to search under crankcase... useless... valve... useless... positive... even more useless... sigh.