: How to get screwed by Weil Cadillac in Libertyville!

03-09-07, 04:11 PM
Well, seems we have a piece of crap Cadillac dealer in the area.

A friend of mine has a 96 Deville and he found a recall on the injector rails. So he took it in to have it done. Cool. NP.

Well got it back and #8 cyl is leaking. They told him to DRIVE it in! It was flat out LEAKING (drip drip drip) fuel from #8 injector on to the intake/head there. I asked him (I was on the phone then) if they were going to cover it if it caught on fire. He said I didn't say that! I told him it is LEAKING GAS. He asked to talk to my friend. He wanted HIM to pay the towing and not the dealer! You broke it you fix it. I don't give a rats behind if you THINK you did or not. You take care of it. AND TO TELL HIM TO DRIVE IT WITH A MASSIVE FUEL LEAK?

To add icing on the cake, they found the problem, a broken o-ring on the injector. Ok, good, they fixed. AND they broke his windshield. And they are claiming it was that way when it came in. BS!!! IDIOTS. That is flat out lying!! I had fixed his wiper clip just before he drove there. I know, I would have seen it.

AVOID THIS DEALERSHIP! If that is how the service dept wants to work then they do NOT need to be in business.

It was broken from top to bottom. I can confirm it was not like this when he left the parking lot. It is flat out broken now.

03-09-07, 05:35 PM
This should stay in the lounge, I think...and maybe everywhere else as well...these are the sorts of things Caddy buyers should be aware of...

03-09-07, 09:08 PM
Kinda what I thought....

Maybe here too.

Honestly, this is the sort of reason GM is sucking in the car industry. If dealerships keep doing shotty work like this and treating the customers who have that brand car still like this, then I don't WANT to be associated with that car brand. No fracking wonder the ricer brands are gaining so much ground on the Big 3.

Is GM that clueless?????

03-10-08, 10:13 PM
maybe dealers are reading these forums?
I just had some service done on my 3-month-old 2008 CTS. bought it at Weil and this was warranty, plus it's in between work and home. dropped off at 7am, no appointment, picked it up at 2pm all fixed and shiny.
the attention was great, service did just what I wanted, don't think they broke anything, mfr took care of rental (enterprise is on site).
this was my first experience so maybe there is the luck of the draw.
edit: the OP story was a year ago. maybe they are learning.
Ron G.

03-18-08, 02:46 AM
Or they just want to try to impress the new Cadillac owners car's not the ones who are willing to come back after 10 years....

Makes sense to me, tick off the owners who might come and buy a NEW Cadillac, but suck up to the ones who did....

Sure, probably an isolated incident, but honestly, no one should have EVERY let this car out of the shop like this and let alone not offered to tow it back and fix it.