: Dynatech Needs An '07 Test Vehicle For Their Long Tubes (IN area)

03-09-07, 11:49 AM
Dynatech Engineering is looking to expand the long tube header applications that they cover. This includes the new 2007 Cadillac Escalade. If your in the SW area of Indiana (Dynatech is located near Evansville) or don't mind doing a little driving and if you also don't mind giving up your vehicle for about 2 weeks, then they can use it to build the first set of long tube headers and will "take care of you" for the use of your vehicle.

The Dynatech header packages are made from T304 stainless steel. They include highflow cats and connection pipes to mate up to the rest of your exhaust. This is the only truck header manufacturer that builds a complete package like that!

Please contact sales@dynatechheaders.com if you are seriously interested. They can set things up from there!


03-09-07, 11:52 AM
If I was closer they would already have my truck. :(

03-09-07, 12:11 PM
How far is the drive from where you are?

03-09-07, 01:37 PM
I am basically north and east of Phila, it's about 9-10 hours. :(

03-09-07, 06:42 PM
That's about 40 hours (2 trips there). Might not be worth the trip. Still breaks down to about $32/hour.

03-10-07, 12:47 PM
Just cheaper and easier to pay once they hit the market.

03-10-07, 02:01 PM
I live in eastern ohio If they could do it faster then 2 weeks I am in as long as the drive is not that bad