: carsurvey.org bwahahaha

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2) One day, I drove to the store, went in, bought some crap, then I came out and the car wouldn't start. When I put the key in the ignition, none of the lights in the car would turn on and the power door locks didn't even work. My dad came in his car and tried to jump start me, but nothing happened. I called AAA and had them tow my car to the dealer. The dealer said that my battery had leaked and the acid ate a hole in something in my engine. They had to replace the battery and some other stuff and I was without my car for MORE THAN FOUR WEEKS.

i was originally gonna look at sebring reviews but i had to see what people had to say about cadillacs

someones gettin paid to hate i swear

another person said they had to clean the carburetor.

some of the issues are tru though, like the key issues

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Yeah, I've spent a lot of time on there reading reviews on cars I like and some of the reviews are pretty wierd. People complain about issues that happen after they didn't do the required maintenance, people complain about the 15 year old car not working exactly perfect...wtf? You gotta realize that not everyone that contributes to the site is a gear head and knows tons about cars, with that being said, I generally take about 90% of the reviews with a grain of salt. Also, FWIW, I reviewed both of my cars on there.

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No one compete with Lexus, and most Cadillac drivers can't afford one, so when they buy a Cadillac, I don't know why they expect it to be as reliable as a Lexus or even a HONDA.

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2nd Aug 2006, 16:48
2002 Deville - Under 80,000 miles, purchased by inlaws, used in 2003.

The most major problems I know of:

Shortblock completely replaced due to bad rod bearings at just under 75000 miles, right before extended warranty expired, huge knocking noise.

7, yes, 7, no, not a misprint, but 7 window regulators replaced. Last one was back/right passenger window, AGAIN, replaced 1 year ago. Has maybe been used 5 times at best, probably 3. Driver's window twice, possibly 3. All have been replaced once.

Cadillac was going to charge for 7th as was out of extended warranty, but after hearing history only charged $100 instead of $450.

Piece of JUNK!

Who is this clown? How ****ing stoopid do this clown and a dealer have to be to figure out that maybe replacing regulators isnt fixing the problem. Who can take this place seriously with this garbage?:thepan:

How do pick through this garbage for legitimate issues when you try to look at car reviews?