View Full Version : i saw you

03-07-07, 04:39 PM
When i was on the fl turnpike goin south. you v was bought at brahman cad dealer in mia. I gave you the thumbs up. Your car looked great.

03-07-07, 09:43 PM
Wasnt me... but we should plan a meet for the miami members... Whos down!?

03-08-07, 01:33 PM
lets do a weekend day.

03-08-07, 09:32 PM
Hell I would take a cruse down to Miami...:thumbsup:

Silver Dollar
03-09-07, 11:20 AM
Hey, I got an idea. Let's make this thread sticky!

03-09-07, 04:07 PM
Hey guys, I know I don't have a CTS-V, but I would love to know if you guys are doing a meet in Miami. You can never have enough Cadillac enthusiasts in 1 place.