View Full Version : New diff and 'Is it really bad to drive w/ a blown shock?'

Seattle CTS-V
03-07-07, 04:24 PM
I got my car back yesterday with another new differential and man, is it ever awesome to drive w/o the loud whining coming from the rear. I had forgotten just how quiet the car can be w/ a 'normal' diff. Anyway, when the dealership checked my car out last Thursday, they said I had blown my driver's side front shock. I called Lindsay, from whom I purchased the FG2 shocks, and they said they'd replace it for free! Awesome team over there.

My question is, should I be driving my car while waiting for the new shock? It definitely sounds like there is metal banging around under there when I go over bumps but, since my commute is 99% smooth highway, it really isn't very noticable. I have a truck I could drive but I just hate leaving the V parked in the garage. BTW, I'm running the GC coilovers w/ 600# springs up front.

03-07-07, 04:34 PM
dont drive not worth the risk. btw im from seattle. used to live by the UW

03-19-07, 02:33 AM
Hey Seattle (Bellvue) CTSV - Glad to hear that the quiet has returned for a little while. On a different note : Has anyone got a North West CTSV group together for a meet somehwere. Prior to the V I had a Z06 and we all
( Canadians and American owners) met in Lynwood at the Hooters once a year around late April. Anything in the wind?