: Win a BEER! Name that model!

03-06-07, 09:11 PM
Lets see how good you are, Which models are on the picture?

03-06-07, 09:15 PM
1 thuderbird

2 eldo/ETC

3 chevelle

4 old audi?

5 bigblock stingray

6looks like a G35 sedan

7 ????

03-06-07, 10:44 PM
3 chevelle

7 ????

I was thinking that 3 looked more like a Buick Wildcat, but wtf do I know. Totally agree with you on 7 though, straight up a $hitty pic. :alchi:

03-07-07, 12:18 AM
You guys are kidding right?

3 is a 1967 Cadillac.
6 is that new Lincoln concept isn't it? or the new CTS.
I think 7 is an XLR
1 is a mid fifties Cadillac I think.

03-07-07, 08:02 AM
i think 1s a 57 Chevy Bel Air
3 is most def a Ford Galaxy 500
7 is DEF an XLR

03-07-07, 11:54 AM
3 is most def a Ford Galaxy 500The hell you say. It's a '68 DeVille or Fleetwood. Galaxies of that era also had stacked lights, but the bezels were slightly curved.



Are these all supposed to be Cadillacs?

56 or 57 Series 62/DeVille or Fleetwood
92-02 Eldorado
68 DeVille or Fleetwood. Looks like the grille has the fine pattern vs. the larger egg crate grille on the 67
Maybe a 97-99 DeVille Concours
Don't know of any Cadillac with gills like this. The 65-66 and 68-69 Corvettes only had three IIRC. Maybe a Shelby Cobra?
08 CTS
Beats the hell out of me. XLR is as good a guess as any.I'll take Rolling Rock in the longneck bottles, please.

03-07-07, 01:02 PM
3 looked like it
even on the grille that square lookin thing to me looked like an XL badge
http://images.google.com/imgres?imgurl=http://www.seriouswheels.com/pics-1960-1969/1967-Ford-390-XL-Convertible-red-sy.jpg&imgrefurl=http://www.seriouswheels.com/1960-1969/1967-Ford-Galaxy-500XL-Convertible-Red-FA.htm&h=691&w=1152&sz=288&hl=en&sig2=kaKEm6K2GINGldZvS0LUlQ&start=11&tbnid=r2zu_H4liqS2EM:&tbnh=90&tbnw=150&ei=TgjvRbWFKqLCiwHC8f27Cw&prev=/images%3Fq%3Dford%2Bgalaxy%26gbv%3D2%26svnum%3D10% 26hl%3Den%26sa%3DG
now that ive looked one up i know im wrong but on 1st look i woulda sworn it

03-07-07, 10:06 PM
Dude, where's the beer?
I thought you said BEER. Come on man!! Where's the BEER!!?
Whare's it at!? Hurry man get it out! We don't have all day. Cmon already!! I'm begging you! Please hurry it up! PLEASE... please... :crybaby: :alchi: :rant2: :want: :crybaby: