View Full Version : 97 deville- Loud clunk followed by surging....

03-21-04, 04:48 PM
This happened to my dad while driving down the interstate. Car has over 115k on it.

First was the loud clunk, he said it was very loud!!! Like he ran something over. He looked back and saw nothing on the road.

Then the car started surging, followed by a flux in the speedometer. The water temp was also going up and then back to normal.

They pulled over at the next exit. When the car sat at idle the engine oil light came on. Said he shut it down, the oil level was full.

Water level is good also.

Started the car and continued on. The only thing its doing now is he can feel a sligh surge in the gas pedal. Others in the car can't feel it.

No check engine light at all.

Anybody have any ideas?


03-21-04, 07:54 PM
Good ole tranny again. :(

He just had it repaired back in August and had a 1 yr/12k miles warranty on it. He now has 14k miles since the tranny repair. So I imagine the great folks at AAMCO will just say too bad.

Here was the thread from the first time: