View Full Version : Pull ahead, Lease Purchase or Extend Lease…

03-05-07, 02:11 PM
I did a quick search and did not see anything related to this question… If, there is info out there please point me to it…

So I have an offer to pull my car ahead so I call GM Smart lease and say can you give me the purchase price (I know its on the contract but wanted to see if they would make adjustment for market value)… They say they can not provide me w/ any information other than current payoff until the last payment has been made… So I am trying to make an informed decision and GM is no help… If it was not for my love of the car I would tell GM to pound sound (lot’s of aggression towards GM right now re: my wife’s 2007 Denali that they are buying back…)

My questions are this…:

Has anyone had success talking GM down from the residual value? My guess is they want to sell units so they are going to stand firm….
Has anyone done a lease extension? Assuming all ’05’s w/ two year leases & 24K miles the residuals should be fairly close, can you give me a feel for what the new payment is (1yr ext.)?
Any other advice other than sack up and spend the 90K on a M5?