: '93 FWB Trunk Latch not hooking up

425 Dual Quad
03-04-07, 05:18 PM
Hi all!
I have a probelm with my wife's '93 Fleetwood Brougham. The trunk latch won't engage on to the riser / pull down loop think - the one that rises out of the rear panel.
In close inspection it seems that the catch on the latch isn't hooking over to the left [as you look at it] and holding fast onto the pull down loop as it goes down.
The black plastic switch arm contacts the top of the pull down loop and the motor starts to pull the pull down loop down but without the trunk lid attached.

It does occasionally hook down but only when the car is dead level or pointing slighly uphill. {Our driveway slopes down slightly so the tail is up in the air!} Sometimes it gets 75% of the way closed and then pops open. I did have a trunk lid rack on it at some time but I can't think the extra weight is an issue.

I spoke to my local dealer in Atlanta before I looked into the details - I just said the trunk occasionally pops open when closing - and and he told me that the nylon gears in the motor strip and replacements are only $5. SO I ordered 2 sets because my '94 Fleetwood is exhibiting similar issues but very very occasionally.

Please help! My wife s using my immaculate '94 to run the kids around in instead of her not so immaculate '93 and the interior is suffering!

Could it be the angle of the drieway? I would have thoguth it shouldn't be so sensitive. The hook flicks over fine if you move it with your finger. It is on quite a light spring and doesn't seem to have any restrictive movement.

There is a small black cylindrical plastic can with a wiring harness to the immediate left of the latch hook. It looks like a solenoid motor. If I disconnect the connector and reconnect it I stand a much better chance of getting the catch to hook up with the pull down riser. The conncetions to it seem fiene and dry and the car is in generally good order with no dampness or rust issues.

Is there a specific fuse for this thing?

All assistance welcome!:)
Thanks Nick

03-05-07, 07:12 AM
I had a similar problem in my '86 deville, it turned out that it was out of alignment. there should be some screws on the pull down motor itself along with a few alignment holes, one of those screws may have fallen out or it could be just enough out of alignment to catch part of the time. The way I fixed it was to crawl inside with a flashlight and have someone close and open the trunk for me, but there is probably a better way.

03-05-07, 12:27 PM
I had similar problem with my ´93 FWB. I greased this upper latch with aerosol 10W40 and since then, its working perfectly.

03-06-07, 07:14 AM
does the latch-pull-down assembly motor work properly? Do you hear it work and "click" when you open the trunk? If not, test for power at the connector with a testlight or DVM. If power is ok, Disconnect Motor assembly and inspect/ clean the pull down assembly.

425 Dual Quad
03-07-07, 05:10 PM

Many thanks for the replies. Seems like a 'check, clean, lubricate, disassemble, algin' weekend is coming my way!

Yes crawling inside the trunk with a flashlight is probably te thing to do. Can't think there is a better way. Looking at it from the outside and having the luxury of being able to put the two cars side by side to examine them with a flashlight when operating the trunk seems to indicate that it is in proper alignment. So I got to wondering if it wasa the slope of the drive.

Lubrication - didn't think of that one - duh!:thumbsup:

The latch pull down seems to work absolutely fine. There's more of a 'clunk' when I pop the trunk and the riser comes up. Flick the little latch lever on the trunklid and the riser powers down to the bottom of it's cycle and then up again. Press the black tab on the motor on the body and it does the same thing.
It's like the catch is 'letting go' part way down, if it catches at all, so maybe the catch is weak.

Still :confused:


03-10-07, 05:02 AM
again, i think upper lock/latch needs good lubrication(i mean GOOD oil bath), thats all. ;)

Old Fleetwood
03-10-07, 02:11 PM
Geez - Now the pull-down on my '95 has just started to get snotty!
The only way we can get it to close it to keep pressure on it until the damn thing "surrenders" and finally pulls the trunk fully closed.
Looks like the first warm day will have me inside the trunk, too.
DRAT! :thepan:

425 Dual Quad
03-24-07, 06:14 PM
HI Old Fleetwood - how did you get on?

Crawled inside the trunk wuth a flashlight and a set of keys the other weekend and found that the catch was striking on an extreme edge of the riser. There was a wear mark there and had presumably been doing so for years. I put in some thick washers behind the catch to shim it forward a bit which seemed better.

Now it can pop open if you go over a bump:bigroll:

It took a turn for the worse today - now the riser won't go down.

I had the whole upper assembly apart and checked the #23 fuse and voltageto all components. Switch seems fine but the black solenoid motor on the catch didn't seem to want to pull across very easily. It seems like something is obstructing it inside. And it doesn't return to the resting positin. Is this normal?

Will pull the pul down motor apart on the lower side and see why it has stopped working. I hve new nylon gears for it so I'll probably put those in.

As well. I'll also take the whole assembly out of my '94 and use these as a known good set to test all the components.

Any good ideas welcome!!

regards & thanks

Old Fleetwood
03-24-07, 09:26 PM
Keep fingers crossed!
Don't say a word or you'll HEX IT!
I have absolutely no idea what happened, but it's been working just fine ever since I set out to fix it!:bigroll:
It's been working perfectly:thepan:
I think it's because I put the toolbox back in the trunk and left it there.
Damn thing has a mind of its own.

03-25-07, 08:18 AM
Check to see if the carpeting is "blocking" the the latch. I had to replace the motor pull-down and lock release (per the tests in the FSM, they were both broken) Anyways, after I put the new components on, the unit would latch, pull down, then pop open. What I discovered was that the carpet around the pull down would get in the way.

425 Dual Quad
05-03-07, 01:59 PM
All sorted now - bought a new actuator [the black motor with a return spring that bolts behind the trunk lid latch] and all fixed fine.
Basically the spring on the actutor wore out.

Easy fix! - if you know how!