: Need clutch stuck on floor TSB. document. Please help!!!

03-04-07, 04:20 PM
Pdfs no longer work on the faq.so does anyone have it saved to there computer or have a print out of it that could be sent to me.

Clutch sticks to floor and chatters sometimes. Also, what do you guys recommend doing while getting the clutch replaced? flywheel? thanks all.

03-04-07, 04:33 PM
I'm your huckleberry. PM me with your email address.

03-04-07, 05:13 PM
Same happened to me recently and i crapped my pants thinking it was serious... luckily it turned out all i needed was fluid in the clutch resivoir... it was a long drive home, with the clutch getting stuck all the way to the floor, i had to force it back up in order for the clutch to engage... turns out all i needed was fluid. crisis averted.