: Consumer's Reports

03-04-07, 09:35 AM
Can anyone explain to me why the 2006 has almost all red marks under reliability categories and no black marks, yet overall ranks much worse than average?

Benjamin Simon
03-04-07, 09:49 AM
CR just does not make any sense. Sure I am some what biased, but no matter how I look at it, it just baffles me.
I mean how do you rate performance say a 9.1 or a 9.2??
I think I just give someone a job.
I like JD Powers problems per 100 vehicles. I clean quantitative number. Sure it might not be perfect as in not all problems are the same. ie. head gaskets going and a radio nob popping off both equal 1 problem.
IMO, caddillac does great given there are alot more things to go wrong on say a Honda Civic compared to a STS. I never hear my honda friends b*tch about thier A/C seats going out...

c5 rv
03-04-07, 03:31 PM
I think this same question has been wondered about by many American car owners. I know it's been discussed in the past about both the CTS and SRX.

I remember the SRX one:


All I can figure is that owners report all the good items in the annual survey and then CR uses their own internal method to endorse or pan the car. The logical part of me says it probably has to do with favoring historical reliability problems of a company, brand, and model over what current owners report. The cynical part of me says that that anything not made by Toyota or Honda starts with a big black circle and has little chance to improve its score no matter what the owners report.