: Baby-V is in the shop again :(

Seattle CTS-V
03-04-07, 01:55 AM
Well, I took Baby-V to Bellevue Cadillac here in WA for a routine oil change and asked them to look at my peeling NAV button and whiney rear-end. I got a call about 3 hours later while driving around in my SRX loaner with them stating they had ordered an entire new navi unit to fix the one peeling button, another new '06 differential (my 2nd '06 diff) and that my pretty new driver's side front FG2 shock was spilling it's guts. Since I got the shock from Lindsay Cadillac and had my aftermarket shop install it with the GC coilovers, they would not warranty it...which I understand.

So, since about mid-December, I've had the V up and running only about 5 weeks total. Ugh.

Props to Bellevue Cadillac once again though!

03-04-07, 03:27 AM
I feel your pain. Mine goes in Tuesday for 06 diff, radiator, navi, and homelink. I hope the 06 diff is better.

03-04-07, 11:20 AM
Yea, 06 is better, but I think 07 is best (new PN?). I'm on my 2nd 06 and it whines a little, but hasnt increased in volume in a long time.

I've also had my radiator done and nav buttons. My nav is peeling again, I found Sharpie to be a temporary solution and not very noticable. Once it gets real bad, I'll have it swapped out, but no use swapping crap for pee right now.

Seattle CTS-V
03-04-07, 01:18 PM
but no use swapping crap for pee right now.

My '05 diff didn't last more than 4000 miles. The '06 has lasted quite some time...though it has been whining since the day they put it in the car. It just wasn't bad enough for me to worry until recently. Hopefully this new one will last a bit longer. BTW, I was just guessing that they'd put the '06 into the car - not sure though, it may be an '07.

Seattle CTS-V
03-05-07, 11:37 AM
Just got a call from Lindsay Cadillac regarding the broken shock and, as expected from such an amazing team, they said they would replace the shock at no charge to me! That's why I buy my parts from them...gotta support the dealerships that support us!