: Custom Grill

03-21-04, 05:24 AM
I wonder what a mesh grill like the CTS-V has, would look like in a 2000 STS? Any thoughts or opinions? :suspect: :suspense: :coolgleam

03-26-04, 12:11 AM
Oh c'mon folks...over 50 views and not one opinion? What's up with that? Hell, if you hate the idea, then tell me. It won't hurt my feelings. If you like it let me know that as well. I really do seek opinions either positive or negative. Thanks! :coolgleam

Caddy Man
03-26-04, 12:27 AM
i dont mean to be rude or anything, but i mean you kno what the mesh grill looks like, and you kno what the front end of your STS looks like, so just use the imagination and imagine that grill on ure STS. honestly i think the billet looks much better on an sts, mesh grills in my opnion look better when a car has a lower air dam that also has mesh grill on it. just my opinion though. :)

03-26-04, 12:39 AM
That's what I was looking for. Thanks for your opinion. :coolgleam

Caddy Man
03-26-04, 12:49 AM
no problem :)

Dick 98STS
04-02-04, 01:34 AM
How about this one???

04-02-04, 08:53 AM
I like that grill but even more I prefer the one with the abs surround painted to match car...I am still waiting on my classic style grill for my 98 STS.
The CTS grill your talking about is the one for the 400 HP car isnt it? If so I think that grill is cool as hell. It is molded for the caddy emblem to. I felt it and pushed on it at the dealer a couple of days ago and it seemed like plastic mesh but none the less beautiful. I may end up trying to get something like that if my classic doesn't appeal to me but I also want it on the bottom where the fog lights are located. Now that would be the shinnezile...:golden:

04-02-04, 10:02 AM
The CTS-V grill is a woven stainless steel mesh (none of that plasti-chrome crap). It is IMO the highest quality grill that GM has produced in the last few years. I installed one on my 'normal' CTS to get rid of the cheap plastic one that comes stock.

I actually like the grill that comes on the STS. If you could find one that comes made in a higher quality material (maybe a touch of chrome accent), I would call it perfect. :)

04-02-04, 02:38 PM
Yes, the one that I like is the one from the CTS-V. And my thoughts were to put the mesh at the bottom around the fogs as well. I think that it would look different but very cool. Now, if I could only find such a piece...hmmm....:coolgleam