: update on acceleration problem(still seeking tips)

03-02-07, 01:24 PM
Ok here's the latest! I posted an ad earlier in february. I changed the cat converter on the old beast, it didn't help. I found a small fuel leak on the throttle body, so I replaced all gaskets and diaphram. Replaced all fuel lines, I can now get about 40mph out of the car for about 5 min. and then it goes back to the problem again I have figured out, and to those who don't know about the codes for this car. If you push the off button and the red button on your heater the codes will come up and tell you what's wrong with the car, so far I have a code 30 which is the idle speed control malf. and a 52 which is an ECM malf. I have checked everything on this car and it doesn't work, I have a new ECM coming in this weekend and I'm hoping this will solve the problem, any advice? had this problem? is my diagnosis about right? Anything at this moment would help, I have never had some much trouble with a car, but when she's healthy she's so beautiful and smooth! I guess it's worth the effort.

03-04-07, 07:38 PM
it looks like you're going about it the right way. hopefully that new ECM will solve the problem. good luck!